EDITION: December 2013 - February 2014

Be active this winter

By Ruth Osborn
Blessed with a mild temperature, blue skies and sunshine, winter in Ibiza is the perfect time to get active. Whether your inclination is for long winter walks through the beautiful campo or Ibiza’s deserted beaches; or to really push your limits training hard for a specific race or event, Ibiza has plenty of active pursuits to choose from. We hope you find inspiration in some of the activities on offer below to get out, get active, enjoy Ibiza and feel great!   

Cycling is one of the most beautiful ways you can see and explore the island. Ibiza is becoming increasingly more cycle-friendly with a new cycle path on the road through Santa Gertrudis up to San Miguel. Across Ibiza there are many well signed mountain bike routes of varying levels of difficulty. In the winter months the roads are a lot less busy, making it safer and more family friendly. By mountain bike you can explore the many caminos of Ibiza and work your way through the countryside. If you want to push yourself physically on the roads go for altitude on the hills in the north or south of the Island.

Dancing is an energetic and invigorating way to improve your fitness and keep active while learning a new skill. There are a variety of studios across Ibiza offering classes of all different types of dance including tango, flamenco, hip-hop, salsa, oriental and modern. If you prefer something a little less formal salsa is very popular with many bars offering classes and regular salsa events across the island – also a great way to make new friends!

Martial Arts
Whether for learning self defence skills or as a means of fitness martial arts can not only bring strength to the body and mind, but also improved movement and calmness. You can take your pick from many martial arts in Ibiza including Thai Kick Boxing, Capoeira, Chi-Kung, Krav Maga, Kung-Fu, Karate and Tai Chi. Different centres offer classes for both adults and children and classes to suit all ages, abilities and preferences.  

Walking in Ibiza is such a pleasure, especially when it’s full moon or when the almond blossoms are out (or the two combined). Enjoy the tranquillity being in nature bestows, take the time to identify the local flora and fauna and maybe even forage for seasonal foods, often in abundance. You’ll find groups both on Facebook and on the internet that offer guided walks and routes of varying levels, including family friendly ones. Not only are these excursions a super way to be active and to enjoy Ibiza but you will meet a wider cross section of people living in Ibiza and maybe even improve your language skills.

Running is a great form of cardio exercise but if you haven’t run for some time or you are starting out it’s advisable to start with walking and work up to running. One of the great things about running is you only have to lace up your trainers, step out of your door and off you go – breathe in the fresh air and get your heart rate up. For the more serious runner there are numerous races of varying distances over the winter season, whether your preference is for trail, road or even ultra running search online for local groups you can join and details of forthcoming races to give you that focus in your training.

The municipalities of Ibiza, Sant Antoni, Santa Eulària, Santa Gertrudis, Sant Joan and Sant Josep all have great swimming pool facilities open to the public. If you are keen to improve your swimming, swimming lessons are also available at the municipal pools. If you’d like to swim in a competitive environment both Ibiza and Santa Eulària have Masters swimming teams open to anyone of any ability over the age of 25. If you prefer the open water and the cold doesn’t bother you it is possible to swim in the sea year round in Ibiza (with a wetsuit). For those less hardy as the weather warms up open water swimming around Ibiza is a joy and there are many open water races in the spring time.

There are many different types of yoga, if you haven’t practiced before it’s good to try out the different styles and see which one you prefer best. Yoga is said to be a moving meditation with the focus on the breath and movement of the body in time. There are many benefits of yoga, they may differ for different people but in general a calmer, clearer mind, more focus and improved flexibility are just a few. Please note you do not have to be flexible to practice yoga!  Often you will find that yoga centres offer the first yoga class for free, your local health food store will probably have classes advertised. This winter you can also find yoga for kids, offered by Prana Sol (check www.pranasol.com for full details).  

Last but not least there are fitness centres and personal trainers across the island.

A Google search will give you contacts for any of the activities mentioned here. Wishing you an active and vibrant winter in Ibiza! •