EDITION: June - August 2021

Water Sports on Ibiza

By Tanya Taylor
Looking out from the beach on a warm sunny day, it’s clear to see that we humans are a playful species. Whether it’s children frolicking in the shallows or jet skis speeding by on the horizon, we love to have fun in the water. Here on Ibiza we are blessed to be surrounded by the inviting Mediterranean Sea with its incredible purity and clarity. This is due in part to the presence of a special sea grass called Posidonia Oceanica. This plant filters and purifies the water, and we are lucky that the world’s largest and oldest colony of it lies just off the coast of Formentera. These hospitable marine conditions, together with our abundant sunshine, make Ibiza the perfect place to enjoy all types of water activities.

If your desire is to enjoy thrilling high-speed water sports, then you’ll find everything you need on many of Ibiza’s beaches. Some people prefer the adrenalin rush that comes from navigating the waves on a high-powered jet ski. For more of a challenge you can try ‘wakeboarding’ the waves created by a speedboat using a single board, or gliding across the surface on water skis. In San Antonio you can experience Ibiza’s famous sunset suspended from a parasail. An extensive range of these activities can be found at Ibiza Water Sports where they also offer packages that combine several activities, providing you with a whole day of fun on the sea.

Water sports are also a perfect way to discover Ibiza’s magnificent coastline. There are many interesting coves that are only accessible from the sea, and you can peacefully explore this spectacular coastal scenery using a kayak or a Stand-up Paddle Board (SUP). These can be hired from most of the island’s beaches, allowing you to embark on a personal journey of discovery. For a more comprehensive experience you can book a guided tour with Kayak Ibiza or SUP Ibiza. Those who are into yoga can add an extra challenge to their practice with Paddle Surf Ibiza which offers SUP yoga lessons out on the sea. For the romanticists who dream of gracefully setting sail into the horizon, Club Náutico in Santa Eulària can teach you everything you need to know about boats and sailing. They offer courses for children and adults throughout the year.

Modern technology has added some very interesting water sport activities in recent years. The American actor Leonardo Di Caprio gave a great demonstration of the Flyboard when he visited Ibiza in 2013. This device straps onto your feet, and is powered by high-pressure jets of water pumped through a hose from an accompanying jet ski or boat. These jets can send you soaring up to 10 metres above the sea; they make it feel like you’re bouncing off the surface. Another thrilling high-tech option is the Electric Hydrofoil Board (eFoiler). It’s a flying surfboard that uses a battery-powered propulsion device that lets you glide effortlessly above the water at speeds up to 40 km/hr. A more relaxed modern option is the Sea Scooter or Sea Bob. This handheld device will pull you through the sea, both on the surface or underwater, while you simply hold on and enjoy the ride. Or how about a leisurely cycle out to sea on a Schiller Bike, which is a small catamaran powered by cycling. All of these modern marvels can be hired from Take Off Ibiza in San Antonio.

Ibiza, with its calm climate, may not seem like the ideal place to practice wind and wave dependent sports such as surfing, windsurfing and kite-surfing, however you’ll find many options to enjoy these exhilarating sports. The website Wind Guru gives accurate information about wind speed/direction and wave size, so you can easily determine which coast has the best conditions on any given day. If you’re curious about harnessing the power of the wind and waves then Ibiza Multi-Sport offers introductory courses, excursions and equipment hire for all of these activities.

“Ibiza is the perfect place
to enjoy all types of water activities”

Below the surface, you’ll find a unique aquatic terrain of interesting caves and rock formations, inhabited by diverse marine life. To help you explore this underwater world there are several Scuba Diving centres on the island that are approved by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), including Subfari in Portinatx and Arenal Diving in San Antonio. They welcome first time divers as well as people training for certification. Ibiza has five PADI recommended dive sites including the Don Pedro shipwreck and the mesmerizing cave of light. Most diving centres also offer guided snorkelling tours, where you can swim along the coastline taking in the sights at a leisurely pace. Another option that has become very popular in recent years is “Free Diving” - the practice of submerging into the depths without any breathing equipment. It allows you to connect with the sea in a completely natural and harmonious way, without the burden of scuba equipment. This sport is physically and mentally challenging, but Freedive Ibiza offers all of the guidance and support that you need to become acquainted with your inner sea mammal.

A dip in the sea is always healing, therapeutic and relaxing. Combining it with a sporting activity gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself and create magical experiences that are sure to be remembered for a lifetime.