EDITION: December 2020 - February 2021

David Moreno - Pure Ibiza Radio: Love & Electronic Music

By Krishna A. Dias
Catalan by birth but Ibicenco in his soul, David Moreno’s life is a love story of radio and music. He started out as a radio host when he was just 16 years old, and went on to become an international music producer and DJ, performing with big names in electronic music such as Carl Cox and Laurent Garnier. We asked David to tell us about his career and the founding of his dream come true: Pure Ibiza Radio.

How did your relationship with electronic music begin?
I first felt the “boom” of electronic music when I came to Ibiza in 1989. There was an international music circuit passing through London, Manchester, Detroit and ending in Ibiza. I was lucky to live that “Golden Age”, and in 1991 I started doing “Ibiza Dance” on Los 40 Principales Radio. It was the first program with this style of music in Ibiza, and it opened the doors to my career as a DJ.

You have a long history in radio and are also well known as a DJ. Which comes first for you?
Radio is my first love as it allows me to combine the energy of electronic music and my ability to communicate with the public. I am dedicated to radio as my professional priority, but if sometimes I have the possibility to express myself in front of the public that is also gratifying.

Tell us about the creation of Pure Ibiza Radio.  
This was born in a moment of inspiration... an explosion of love! I met my partner Mar García four years ago, and together we decided to create something special - that’s why our slogan is “Love & Electronic Music”. We were lucky to have the full support of Clubbing TV, but it was still extremely challenging to set up an entire radio station. Mar and I formed a harmonic duo as she handles most of the organization, and I do the communication.

What makes Pure Ibiza radio different from other stations?
We are focused on the essence of the music, not just the electronics. In selecting the programs our team pays attention to detail, but also listens with their hearts so that the sound is never shrill or repetitive. We also try to fit the music to the feeling of the day, and to create a positive state of mind. Our music gives listeners the special feeling that we have for Ibiza, and our goal is that everyone feels good when they are listening to Pure Ibiza Radio.

Pure Ibiza Radio has live television broadcasting. How does this partnership work?
The owner of Clubbing TV and I have known each other for a long time, and when I started Pure Ibiza Radio we decided to stay connected and amplify our work globally. This gives us the opportunity to project our music on a high quality television station that reaches an international audience.

“Our goal is to give people the special feeling
that we have for Ibiza when listening to Pure Ibiza Radio”

Besides the music, what most attracted you to Ibiza?
When I arrived on the island in 1989 I said to myself “this is the place”! With every breath you can feel something special. They say that Ibiza either accepts you or kicks you out. I think that if you have a true feeling of love for Ibiza then the island gives you everything. For me Ibiza is the best place in the world, so I want to take great care of it and respect the local culture. I feel very much that I am “from Ibiza”, as so many generations have heard me on the radio here. I have dedicated myself to the island as if I was born here... Ibiza is in my heart.

After many years “Ibiza total party” Covid-19 has stopped everything. How do you see this situation?
There may be a bright side because it is an opportunity to clear away some of the speculators and people who only see Ibiza as a business. We can bring more respect to the island and to the people who live and work here. It’s time to be united and help each other... to stay calm and keep things in perspective. It is also a time to change the things in our lives that we know can make us better people.