EDITION: December 2022 - February 2023

The Real Drug Problem

When people talk about the major pharmaceutical companies of the world they use the phrase ‘Big Pharma’, and these entities certainly are ‘Big’. Last year their total revenue was about 1.5 Trillion euros... €1,500,000,000,000! That is a huge number, and it was boosted by the hundreds of billions that [...] Read More

The Functions of a Spanish Notary

As of 2022 there are nine notary offices distributed throughout the various communities on Ibiza and Formentera. A Spanish notary is obligated to act impartially, and to give the all parties involved equal and balanced advice. The notary formally accepts the declarations of the parties, which gives [...] Read More

Art as Love & Medicine

Mikki Funk’s uniquely exciting fine art can be found in exclusive collections throughout the world, and now it is being exhibited at her Artist Residency “Can Yes Wow” here on Ibiza. That kind of success would be more than enough for most artists, but not for Mikki. She is passionate about [...] Read More

Follow Your Heart

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a source of wisdom that could give you the answers to all of life’s questions? Perfect responses for everything from the biggest decisions to the smallest wonderings: Should I take that job?  Is she/he right for me? Can I trust him? Go out or stay home? Whatever [...] Read More

The Healing Power of Laughter

We all know that laughter feels good, and now science is proving that it is incredibly beneficial for our health. Researchers at Loma Linda University in California have found that laughing significantly reduces the effects of the stress hormone cortisol. At the same time, it stimulates the release [...] Read More

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