EDITION: August - October 2022

JAZZ POINT IBIZA 2022 - The Beat Goes On

Jazz Point Ibiza is once again bringing some of the biggest names on the international Jazz scene to perform here on Ibiza. The Festival will run from 13th October through 16th, with the two main events on the evenings of Friday the 14th and Saturday the 15th at Teatro Ibiza. The festive mood [...] Read More

PRESTIGE PROPERTIES - Going Green & Giving Back

In 1976, a young woman named Pascale Dufournier came to live on the island of her dreams – Ibiza. Seven years later she founded Prestige Properties, which has become one of the island’s leading real estate agencies dedicated to the sale and rental of luxury properties. As the company grew it attracted [...] Read More

Does the simple registry note provide all the necessary information?

In Spain anyone is free to consult the land register on the website www.registradores.org. You can find the details of the property you are interested in by entering the first and last names of the owner. The land registry office will [...] Read More

Advanced Medicine Ibiza - A Full Spectrum of Healing

Dr Marja van Engelen has been practicing integrative medicine on Ibiza for over 20 years. She received her medical degree from the University of Utrecht in 1980, and worked in several areas of conventional medicine. However, she found that standard medicine did not have the answers for all [...] Read More

The Power of Perception

Do our beliefs create our reality? Can you transform your life by changing your perception? To find the answers to these questions we need to look at how the workings of the brain interact with our power of intention. When you were born your mind was a blank slate with no prejudice, no bias [...] Read More

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