EDITION: April – June 2021

The Genius of Einstein

How does a person become an icon? In the case of Albert Einstein, the originality and brilliance of his scientific achievements were so memorable that calling someone an “Einstein” became synonymous with calling them a genius. His revolutionary ideas and theories changed the way that the universe was [...] Read More

New mortgage laws protect consumers

Since the summer of 2019, the process of real estate financing in Spain has changed in favour of consumers. On the basis of a European directive, a new mortgage law has been implemented in Spain which aims to protect consumers. The law is only applicable to natural persons (individual borrowers or guarantors) [...] Read More

Muriel Grossmann and All That Jazz

Some years ago I was sitting with friends outside of a café in Ibiza, when suddenly the sweet sounds of music from within transported me back to the jazz clubs of my native New York. “Who is that?” I asked, and my friends said, “It’s Muriel, isn’t she wonderful!” Yes… she certainly is. Muriel Grossmann [...] Read More

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Here on Ibiza we are blessed with a wonderful climate that allows us to comfortably swim outdoors for about seven months of the year. Swimming helps to keep us cool in the summer, and it is also one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy. Those who have swimming pools in their homes have the luxury [...] Read More

Ibiza Optimista - We are good news!

Wildlife highway crossingsSweden will build a series of new animal bridges as part of the global efforts to help wildlife navigate busy roads. Every April Sweden’s main highway comes to a standstill as hundreds of reindeer cross the asphalt on their annual journey to the mountains. Swedish [...] Read More

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