EDITION: July - September 2020

Universal Basic Income

How would you like to live in a society that gives every citizen a guaranteed minimum income for their entire adult life? This is the essence of what is called Universal Basic Income (UBI), and it is a hot topic among western economists and governments. Andrew Yang, who ran for President of the United [...] Read More

Zippy Home Ibiza presents Cobra Art Gallery Ibiza

Zippy Home Ibiza offers a fresh new touch to decorate every room in your home, business or hotel.Over [...] Read More

Difficulties when building on rustic land in Ibiza

Those of us who love the beauty of the island do not want to see it destroyed by uncontrolled building. Obviously, Balearic lawmakers and the local Ibiza government are of the same opinion. Therefore, it is ever more difficult to build a home on rustic land (“suelo rustico”).While the prices [...] Read More

Enlivening Your Home with Cushions

Local interior designer Susanne Schmidt met up with Ibicasa recently to talk about the importance of cushions and throws in any decorating scheme. Of all of the soft furnishings for the home, cushions are arguably the most versatile. They can be made in almost any fabric and are available in a whole [...] Read More

Painting Your Home

If you are planning to beautify the walls of your house with a fresh coat of paint, the many choices of paint types can be overwhelming. Let’s have a look at the different kinds of paint that are available, and how best to use each one. The first distinction to examine is the difference between oil-based [...] Read More

Training your Brain with Meditation

It is well known that meditation is generally good for you, and now we are learning that it can be tailored to produce specific beneficial results. Previous studies have shown that meditation increases the size of your brain in areas associated with focused attention and compassion. The newest research [...] Read More

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