EDITION: September - November 2020

Reflections on Covid-19

The Covid-19 virus came upon us like a slow moving tsunami. In January 2020 we started to hear news of a serious virus in the Chinese city of Wuhan. We saw it coming in the distance but there was little fear. Over the years we had seen SARS, MERS, Bird Flu and other supposedly dreaded pandemics pass [...] Read More

Changes related to real estate auctions

In 2015, legislation regarding the forced sale of jointly-owned properties changed and the electronic judicial auction was brought in. This procedure is carried out online through the Auction Portal of the BOE State Agency and intends to allow a wider audience to participate in auctions, without the [...] Read More

Adam+Eve: A New Concept in Fashion

Ibiza’s cosmopolitan ambiance makes it the perfect place to experiment with exotic themes of art, fashion and lifestyle. This is the kind of artistic adventure that you will experience at the Adam+Eve concept store near Sant Josep. Ben is the owner and designer, and he has created a unique atmosphere [...] Read More

Saying Farewell with Love

Anyone who has had a beloved pet knows the deep sadness that comes when this animal that has been such a wonderful part of your life is no longer with you. The death of a pet is the end of a relationship and it should be handled with reverence. Some people have a brief ceremony before burying [...] Read More

Ibiza Optimista - We are good news!

Eco Catamaran cleans the Sea in IbizaIbiza has set a target to drastically reduce plastic waste in our waters, and a major step in that direction was taken with the launch of the solar powered Ocean Clean Up Catamaran. This boat is named “iBi”, and it includes a unique system that [...] Read More

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