EDITION: December 2021 - February 2022

Psychedelics for Therapy

After decades of demonization and criminalization, psychedelic drugs are now on the cusp of entering mainstream psychiatry. The two drugs that are showing the most potential are psilocybin, the active compound in ‘magic mushrooms’, and MDMA, popularly known as Ecstasy or Molly. [...]Read more

Municipal capital gains tax is temporarily repealed

The Spanish Constitutional Court (“Tribunal Constitucional”) declared the method for calculating the “plusvalía tax” to be inadmissible as of October 2021. As a consequence of this the municipalities can no longer collect this tax for the time being.The municipal plusvalía [...]Read more

Combining Art with Drone Technology

Everyone dreams of having a career that is based on the things that they love to do, and Manuel Helbling has made that happen. He found a way to blend his enthusiasm for flying drones with his artistic background and education. Manuel grew up here on [...]Read more

Finding Peace and Stillness

When was the last time you were truly still in body and mind... completely in the present moment? Modern life encourages us to always be busy or diverted in some way. If you are not working then you are looking at your phone, running errands, watching TV, going to the movies... anything to keep [...]Read more

A New Style for Ibiza

Italian design and Ibizan style: Is a dialogue possible?This is one of the questions I asked myself two years ago when I opened my interior design studio in Ibiza. For almost ten years I have worked in large cities such as Milan, London and especially Paris. In the courseof [...]Read more

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