EDITION: April - june 2018

The Great Hoax: A Tale from the Wild Days of Ibiza

Clifford Irving was an American author living in Ibiza who, in the early 1970’s, perpetrated the biggest literary hoax of the 20th century. He convinced the entire world that he had written an authorized Read More

Ibiza’s History - Part III: The Goddesses of Ancient Ibiza

This is the third in a series of articles on the history of Ibiza. We will publish a total of six chapters.Read More

The Spirit of Ibiza

This is an incredibly interesting time to be alive. You can feel the pull of powerful transformative energy all around us as people awakenRead More

The acquisition of property in Ibiza

A buyer faces several questions when dealing with a real estate transaction: has the property been regularised? Is the building in keeping with the granted construction permits?Read More

Delphine Tempels: From actress to jewellery designer

A passion for art and designing things has been a constant in Delphine Tempels’ life. The actress and jewellery designer, who was born in Belgium, arrived in Spain 12 years ago.Read More

The Benefits of Yoga

Yoga was introduced to the West many decades ago, but it is only during the past 15 years that it has exploded in popularity.Read More

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