EDITION: August - October '07


Nano Calvo

Amidst dozens of camera flashes and reporters of all sorts of descriptions and origins, the only Spanish actress ever nominated for an Oscar, Penélope Cruz, presented alongside her sister Mónica the fashion line that they have designed for the Spanish firm Mango.
The event took place at the elegant Atzaro hotel, where in spite of the blazing heat they patiently and kindly posed, offering a natural side of themselves.

The sisters emphasized, as they answered various questions about their personal lives and professional careers, how naturally easy it was for them to cooperate together in the creation of 25 pieces for their collection of clothes for young women.

The night-time celebrations put the reporters’ patience to the test, as the guests arrived in slow trickles: celebrities like Eugenia Martínez de Irujo, Marta Sanchez, Isabel Sartorius, TV stars Boris Izaguirre and Ana García Siñeriz, the peculiar Nati Abascal o the rebellious Pierre Casiraghi. •