EDITION: April - June '07


For quite some time now it has been forbidden to dispose of toxic rubbish such as used batteries, appliances, washing machines, old cars, clothes, metal, and expired medicines at the normal dump.

There is a very good reason for this. If these wastes are not disposed of properly, they can have an important negative effect on the environment.

Various businesses offer services to take care of these wastes for a surcharge or sometimes even for free. For old cars, washing machines, refrigerators, tires, batteries etc, the following businesses can be used:
Reciclajes Ibiza, C/ Sant Antoni, km. 5.5, Tel. 971 198 045
Ca na Negreta, C/ Santa Eulalia, km. 6.1, Tel. 971 311 313

Cespa, Herbusa y Fosca, also offer their services according to an established agreement for the transport of toxic waste.

In many supermarkets there are receptacles for the collection of used batteries, which If not disposed of correctly, can also be very harmful to the environment. Large Batteries with heavy metals like mercury oxide (HgO) and nickel cadmium (NiCb) are highly dangerous to man and beast and pollute ground waters.

Old furniture, appliances and clothes can be recycled in other ways by contacting the following N.G.O.`s:
Caritas Diocesna, C/ Felipe II, 16, Ibiza, Tel. 971 192 339 (this also supports a good cause).
100 % Ibiza, Ctra. San Carlos, km. 8,3, Santa Eulalia, Tel. 971 331 596 (purchase of second hand goods).

The Deixalles Foundation offers a free collection service for all furniture and kitchen appliances which are in good condition. Telephone for collection: 971 191 118

Almost all electronic devices contain a mixture of non-biodegradable plastics and contain metals like aluminium, lead and copper that do not decompose naturally and damage the flora and fauna.

In the same way, old medicines also should not be thrown into the normal rubbish bin, as they can reach the subterranean water table and be seriously detrimental to micro-organisms and fish fertility. The majority of chemists accept expired medicines and will dispose of them properly.

Every person that eliminates their waste conscientiously, contributes their little bit to protect and improve our environment.