EDITION: December - February 2011


Text: Dr. Oscar Salazar - Maestro Taoísta

Gradually you will develop the art of speaking without words, and your true inner nature will take the place of your artificial personality, allowing the light of the heart and the power of the wisdom of silence to appear. Thanks to this strength you will attract upon yourself everything you need to fulfill and free yourself completely. However, you must be careful, very careful, of not letting the ego get in the way. The power will stay as long as the ego is calm and quiet.
If your ego takes over and you abuse this power, the power itself will turn into poison, and your whole being will quickly become contaminated. So, become silent, cultivate your own inner power, respect the lives of others and of all that exists in the world.
Don’t try to force, manipulate or control others. Become your own master and let others be who they are, or who they are able to be. In other words, live following the sacred life of Tao.
Good luck! In Silence …