EDITION: April - June '07


On the 12th and 13th May it is time again: Eivissa celebrates the Middle Ages. As from a Sleeping Beauty sleep, Dalt Vila of olden times will awake, when jugglers and minstrels wander through the lanes and fakirs and snake charmers display their talents. The torches of the fire artists will be burning on the walls; you will find the smell of regional specialties, roasted meats, spices... In every corner a new fairy tale will come alive.

All the way up to the cathedral, the old town will be adorned with flags and stands, with acrobats, dancers and jugglers. Traders will offer medieval goods for sale. One forgets who is visitor and who is an actor, just raise a toast and celebrate like a village community centuries ago. This way Eivissa commemorates Dalt Vilas designation as a world cultural heritage site again for the eighth time. One could hardly do a greater honor to the fortress town.