EDITION: April - June '07


Once upon a time...

Ibiza is an island full of secrets, superstitions and old tales that are profoundly connected to pagan beliefs. The best known fabulous beings from Ibiza are the, Barrugets, Des Familiars and the Es Follets.

Many tales are told about the mythical beings of Ibiza, which on one hand are useful and helpful, but on the other are malicious and fearsome.

The Barruget, which was known under a different name in Roman times, has very special characteristics. It was a quarrelsome devil which was often confused with the Punic god Bes due to its small features and long beard. This crafty gnome likes to play tricks on housewives and servants. The Barruget is like a poltergeist, hiding or stealing things in the night. According to the tales, the only way to placate him is to offer him a piece of bread with cheese, If not he will take horrible revenge. If he can be tamed he can be of great help. According to popular belief he can be captured between holy Thursday and holy Friday night under the Sa Taulera bridge near San Juan, resorting to a ritual.

Another fabulous being is Des Familiar. this creature is not characterized by diabolic or destructive energy, and comes from the Latin group of Penates. It is preferably stored in a dark bottle, and in this manner brings good luck to the houses. In case it is let out of the bottle, one must use their imagination, as its motto is: work or eat, so the spirit wants you to give it something to eat or something to do. So look out! The Des Familiars are hard workers and big eaters! They usually live beneath the old Santa Eulalia Bridge. It is there, according to legend that a herb grows at midnight which dies immediately. The person that manages to cut a branch in this short space of time and put it in the bottle has captured a Des Familiar.

Another mystic being from the Ibiza legends is the Follet. It is a good guardian genie with supernatural powers and a pronounced sense of obedience. He who owns a Follet need never worry. They can make their owner invisible and turn them into another person. They can also make them fly and travel with the speed of the wind. It is a pity that we can’t tell you how to catch your own Follet.

If you would like to know a bit more about the charm of the Ibiza legends, you should take a look at the books of Michel Ferrer Clapés or Mario Planells. .