EDITION: February - April '07



Every day more people are interested in well-being and health improvement. The word SPA comes from the Latin: Salus per Aquam, meaning health with water. Spas combine the state of well-being with pleasure: there is nothing like sinking into one to improve your circulation and relax your muscles, obtaining in this way multiple benefits for our health.

In Ibiza, we can swim on a regular basis. Ibiza is a perfect place to have a swimming pool. When considering the purchase of a swimming pool, it is important to know that many new alternatives exist to the traditionally built pools.

One should look carefully at how much money there is to spend, how much land space is available for the pool, the pool’s framework, its water filtering system and the amount and ease of installation time, keeping in mind that now there are systems for building a pool in seven days, with all manufacturing guarantees.

A wonderful alternative to the traditionally built pool is a ready-made, floor mounted, wooden swimming pool. These pools are easily installed and very elegant.

They combine the quality and solid structure of this noble material along with the advantages of a “non-buried pipe filter system”. It is an ideal alternative for limited spaces. These pools are for anyone who wants to enjoy a swim without having to enter into a major construction project and without having to make a large investment.

Special pool covers are available to lengthen the swimming season. If they are combined with a heating system, your pool can be enjoyed year-round. The covers are easily installed, daily handling is very simple, and they have an excellent price-quality ratio.
Consult an expert to find the perfect pool for you.