EDITION: February - April '07


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Positioning a healthy house

In Bioconstruction, one of the most crucial issues is the choices made when locating and positioning a house. It is important to take into account the orientation, as well as a series of other factors that can unwittingly have a very direct effect on the health of the people in the house. Some of these often-ignored factors are geological alterations, such as ground water tables or water veins, geological faults, artificial radiation discharges such as electrical towers or mobile phone antennas (which emit micro-waves and other signals). There are other risk factors such as noise, air, water or soil pollution, man-made environmental toxins… It is therefore very advisable to carry out a geobiological study before undertaking any building project.

There are many aspects that are already studied and considered in conventional architecture, such as the position of the sun, so we will concentrate on some that are more unknown but that bioconstruction very much takes into account.

Underground water currents or ground water tables:

Underground water bodies cause energy currents that flow vertically and are detectable at ground level, causing variations in electromagnetic radiation, which amongst other things causes the air to ionize. Today it is possible to measure such currents with high-technology instruments. There are also people who can detect them using two wands and their own body as a catalyst. The science that studies and unites this ancestral wisdom with present technology is called ‘geobiology’.

If ground water tables are not detected and considered when positioning a new construction, they can become the direct cause of humidity ascending through the building’s structure, creating adverse conditions for the maintenance of the house as well as for the health of the people living in it, causing complaints such as rheumatism and many others.

The Hartmann Net:

Our planet has a nucleus which behaves like a giant magnet, whose poles at present coincide approximately with the geographical poles, although they vary in position and polarity over the course of the millennia (in fact, some 500,000 years ago a compass would have pointed South!). We can understand the Hartmann Net as a structure of radiations rising vertically from the ground like invisible walls, each 21 centimetres (9 inches) wide. These lines run parallel from North to South at intervals of 2 meters (6 feet 6 inches), while from East to West they are 2.5 meters (8 feet) apart, creating a grid of varying intensity according to the time of day or weather changes. When people are exposed to or cross a Hartmann line our electric resistance field is modified, although it is a minimal alteration which cannot be the cause of anything:

as living beings we are totally adapted to this grid and tolerate it well, except in some cases of energetic imbalance, since our own brain works through electrical impulses. The intensity of the radiation duplicates at intersection points where two lines cross. It is estimated that prolonged exposure to these crossing points can cause certain upsets that can result in less quality of life. For this reason it is advisable to take these electromagnetic lines into account when positioning our bed, for example, where we spend a third of our lifetimes resting.

It is interesting to be aware of these invisible energies when building ourselves a home, and perhaps even consider if they may be causing some unexplainable ailment that is affecting us. Sometimes, it could suffice with changing the placement of our bed in order to sleep better and feel more rested in the morning!