EDITION: February - April '07


Since July 1st 2006 a penalty points system for motor vehicle drivers has also come into effect in Spain.

Due to this penalty points system, ie. the losing of points and the imminent loss of the drivers licence, a more conscious attitude towards driving could already be ascertained amongst car drivers. As statistics in other European countries like England, France, Germany, Italy and Luxemburg have already proven, a reduction in the number of accidents can also be observed in Spain.

We would like to give you a short explanation of the points system. For specific questions and information we would however advise you to contact the traffic department.

Every European country has its own system - in one country you collect points, in another they are deducted. Here in Spain they deduct points. This point system is also valid for foreigners who are registered in Spain. Only tourists causing an accident while using foreign cars on Spanish roads are not affected by the Spanish point system. The points cannot be passed on from one country to the next, but this is planned for the future.

This is how the points system works:

Drivers who have had their license for more than three years start with 12 points. Drivers who have had their license less than three years or lost it, start with 8 points.
Drivers who have driven perfectly for six years can even win up to 6 extra points to reach a total of 15 points.
According to the driving mistakes, points get deducted from your point account.

Here are some examples:

You will lose 2 points by:
- Exceeding the speed limit by 21-30 km/h
- Parking in risk zones like zebra crossings and bus stops
- Using radio systems to find radar control stations
- Not using lights in zones where it is required; for example in a tunnel
- Carrying children under 12 on motorbikes

You will lose 3 points by:
- Exceeding the speed limit by 31-40 km/h
- Prohibited change of direction
- If you do not keep a secure distance from other vehicles
- Driving without fastening your seatbelt or without a helmet on a motorbike
- Using a telephone while driving

You will lose 4 points by:
- Exceeding the speed limit by 40 km/h
- Exceeding the alcohol limit by 0,25-0,50 mg/l
- Driving without the necessary vehicle documents (for example if you do not have car insurance)
- If you throw objects out of the window that can cause fire danger (for example burning cigarette butts)
- If you do not respect red traffic lights and stop signs or signals of traffic policemen
- If you are a danger for others

You will lose 6 points by:
- Exceeding the speed limit by more than 50 km/h
- Exceeding the alcohol limit by more than 0,50 mg/l
- Driving under the influence of drugs
- Refusing the alcohol and drug tests

- Using the wrong lane of the road
- Professional drivers (bus or lorry drivers) who exceed their time limit by more than 50%

The traffic department offers courses for motor vehicle owners who lose points, where you can recover some of your points.

Someone who has lost all his points and therefore loses his driver’s license, has to expect a penalty time with no driving. In this case you should sign up for the corresponding course with all the necessary documents.