EDITION: December - February '07


In recent months many debt consolidation businesses have opened in Ibiza. Loans can solve economic problems quickly for many families having financial difficulties. But as the experts say, we now find ourselves in a growing and expanding market and the companies who prove to have the best quality of service will survive in the long run.

If a person wants to change their house, but is still paying for the one they have, can you suggest a way of accomplishing this while selling the present one?
Yes, there are products like la Hipoteca Cambio de Casa, which allows you to buy a new house without being under pressure to sell the old one. We can also help you sell your present dwelling under the best conditions.

What does a hands free mortgage mean? Are you competing against the banks?
A credit module permits re-financing situations where outstanding payments exist: Asnef, embargoes, foreclosures, etc.
We do not compete with banks; we are a network of intermediaries and brokers of financial institutions with whom we have collaboration agreements.

When you speak of professional financing, what do you mean? Loans to establish new businesses?
We offer correct advice in financing your business activity. New entrepreneurs need to understand the variety of products on offer and their conditions. To make the right product choice one has to analyse exactly the financial situation and the needs of the business.

Almost all of the businesses in this area handle real estate ie. sales. Do you also work as real estate agents?
We function as a financial intermediary, meaning we help real estate agencies and individuals in the processing of their mortgages. Nevertheless, our social objective is also to facilitate deals.