EDITION: August - September '06


Parquet flooring can last for many years, depending on its use and the care it has been treated with, as well as how many times it has been polished.
The passing of time, indoor heating and the sun all make the wood turn a darker colour. When choosing the colour of parquet, one must consider the decoration of the rest of the house, the style of the furniture and the size of the rooms, since dark colours in small rooms visually reduce the space even further.
There are basically two types of wood: oak, beech, chestnut, eucalyptus, pine and others; and on the other hand tropical woods such as jatoba, merban, iroko, etc.
Parquet with wooden tablets can be installed in the shape of wheat ears, longwise (woven or not), or like a chess board.

There are two types of wooden floors: solid wood floorboards and laminated floating floors. The advantage of both of these is that they do not require any building work, and can go directly over the old surface.

The solid wood floorboards can be nailed onto small wooden supporting blocks, or glued with “elastibon”, a material that maintains the union between the boards regardless of temperature or humidity. This type of floor provides acoustic and thermal isolation, since it creates an air gap.
Once it is installed, it needs to be lightly sanded and given three coats of varnish or oil, for a good finish. This kind of wooden floors can also be found sanded and varnished, ready for installation.
The advantage of this last type of floor is that once it is installed the work is complete and over the years it can be sanded down again and re-varnished, like parquet

Laminated flooring is a way of completely covering floors. Normally they are made out of HDF or out of solid resin for bathrooms and kitchens.
This kind of flooring is not damaged by sunlight, is very resistant to people walking on it, or the weight of furniture, and does not mark nor stain easily. It even resists cigarette burns. These qualities make it the perfect flooring for commercial as well as domestic use.
Installing it is very easy and there is a wide selection of designs. They are joined together with a “click” system which makes it easy to take apart if need be. It can be found in matt or satin finish or shiny.