Martial Art?

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EDITION: August - September '06


Martial Art?


Dance? Fighting?



La Capoeira is one of the martial arts that have experienced the most growth in recent years. Its usefulness for self-defence, together with its undoubtedly visual attraction, makes more young people show interest in practicing this sport every day.

The roots of Capoeira come from the African country of Angola and its origin goes back to the era of the great explorers of the 16th century, when Brazil was under Portugal's dominion. The African slaves that were displaced to Brazil had the necessity to camouflage this martial art, making it look like a dance. The object being not to raise suspicion, as they were forbidden by the Portuguese to fight or practice any type of sport. It was transformed into a type of struggle against the oppressors: a symbol of freedom.

The music marked the rules of play between two combatants with the end goal of manifesting fighting abilities in an atmosphere of fun and challenge. For the body, it’s an aerobic exercise that requires excellent physical condition and coordination; for the mind, it’s a matter of mental agility, since the capoeiristas must improvise and find rapid solutions to an attack. For the spirit, it brought closeness to the soul of the Negro slave, in a ritual to remember Mother Africa.

Therefore, Capoeira is the only martial art that you can beat your opponent, fencing with your legs in the same way that you can dance, jump, and sing.
This forbidden art was declared a national sport in Brazil in the 1930`s. Today it’s part of the physical education program in primary and secondary schools and Brazilian universities.



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