EDITION: August - September '06


Three or four liters of crude oil are necessary to produce one new laser cartridge.

In the last 10 years, it has been calculated that more than 250 million printer cartridges have been burned or deposited in garbage dumps. These materials take approximately 300 years to disintegrate; therefore, recycling the cartridges signifies a contribution to the fight against pollution.

Ink cartridges contain toxic and dangerous substances that, if not treated, contaminate the environment to a high degree, putting in danger our own future and that of generations to come. Recycling in the information technology sector in Spain is practically unknown; not even 10 % is recycled. That index contrasts with the 45 % from the USA and Germany, 20 % in France, and 12 % in Italy.

- A recycled cartridge costs between 20 % and 50 % less than an original.
- Recycled cartridges are guaranteed because of the exclusive utilization of very high quality materials. The result is an analogical impression, and at times superior to the original.