EDITION: June - July '06


Ca Eivissenc

The Podenco Ibicenco

The Podenco Ibicenco (Ca Eivissenc) is unique in Ibiza and for many this dog has become a symbol of the island.

Since olden times many civilizations have been attracted to the Balearic Islands. Every one of these cultures brought along with them their customs and animals. The Podenco is unique in Ibiza and not only possesses extraordinary qualities, but also has a colourful past.
Although the experts are not in agreement as to whether it was the Phoenicians or the Romans who introduced the Podenco to Ibiza, we can assert that its origins go back to a very ancient breed of dogs from the Middle East. Many think that the pedigree dates back to ancient Egypt. At various archaeological digs, earthenware jugs have been found with images similar to the Podenco that date back to 2200 B.C.
It can not be ruled out that the Podenco of our days had its

initial origin in the breeding efforts of the Egyptian priests, and was a cross between the jackal and greyhound. Even in ancient times these animals had special attributes assigned to them. For the Egyptians it was a companion to the other world, and the legends tell us that they helped the goddess Isis keep vigil over the coffin of her husband Osiris. Because of its similarity to the dog-god Anubis it also enjoyed great admiration in the pharaoh’s houses.
In the beginning the Podenco was not a hunting dog. Notwithstanding, it is thought that due to its isolated life for centuries in the Balearic islands, it evolved into a unique breed perfectly adapted to its surroundings in Ibiza. The Podenco likes to hunt rabbits and has extraordinary qualities

for this type of hunting. It has a tremendous agility and can attain speeds of up to 40 km/h, but the Podenco is not a greyhound or member of that family.
It is an intelligent and individualistic animal that hunts in a tactical and skilful way. It smells and runs after the scent of its prey. Later it pricks up its ears, barks, contracts its muscles, then on a frenetic chase with leaps of up to 2 meters, captures the rabbit in one jump with its front paws. The Podenco is a hunter without any real competition; and as it takes its prey alive, it is a much appreciated dog.
For a long time the Ca Eivissenc was only known in Ibiza, and wild packs of them could be found in various areas of

the island. Nevertheless, because of its unique qualities and poise, the Podenco Ibicenco has caught the attention of the large breeders and brings very high prices in the international dog market.•