EDITION: June - July '06



There is an increasing crisis in and around each of us which is a symptom of a deeper inner crisis - the crisis of consciousness.
Most of todays problems – from personal and society worries to economical and ecological problems – are due to human action and behaviour.
This activity and behaviour is based on human feelings, thinking and valuations influenced by the belief that we find happiness and satisfaction through “doing and having”. We spend most of our time taking care of and keeping alive a profoundly vulnerable self (Ego).

Our post-modern culture is influenced by an unprecedented individualism, narcism and materialism...

.... as well as a misunderstood independence.
The abused environment forces us to reflect on our priorities and values. Political and economical crisis’ reveal the short-sightedness and deficiency of our selfish thinking. The great amount of problems in our society shows the meaninglessness inherent in the contemporary view of life.
The discovery of life’s genetic code, the globalisation of the economy, ...

...the growing realisation that men are responsible for the health of their planet forces the community of people into a new level of awareness and conscience.

If the realization of our self is limited to perceiving ourselves as separate, independent, vulnerable selves (Egos), our thinking deforms itself and our actions go in the wrong direction. The progress of technology may have increased our ability to control the environment, but it has also revealed the deficiency of our partly developed consciousness. The philosopher Roland Benediktiner says we have reached a benchmark in our individualistic culture, where we only have two choices: “to wallow in desperation or to go one step beyond the trap of narcistic self-fulfilment.” To free us from unnecessary suffering we have to start an inner journey to discover the true nature of our consciousness. Never before was the necessity of spiritual change so important and never before have we had greater possibilities for spiritual renaissance.
Practising meditation brings us back to reality. It is not about reaching ecstasy, “soul delight” and peace of mind or to become a better human being. Meditation creates a space, where we can uncover and dissolve our neurotic games, our self-deception, hidden fears and hopes. This space is created from the simple exercise of “doing nothing”.
When we become aware of our thoughts, feelings, life circumstances, as well as the space in which they appear, we are able to open up to a more complete consciousness.
At this point we will have the possibility to grow beyond our Ego structure and develop the qualities of wisdom and compassion.•

Dassana has been leading meditation courses in Ibiza, Holland and Germany for 15 years.
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