EDITION: April - May '06


Vicente Cleries

Landscaping a house is like the continuation of interior decorating, for this reason, it is important to harmonize the two.
In exterior spaces, we must look for simplicity, placing the principal plants in isolation, trying to avoid pathways or trails that diminish the garden.

In the spaces that are not walked on normally, I advise placing uniform and light materials, which do not obstruct the enjoyment of the plant’s beauty, combining clumps that flower uniformly with the same tone or colour.
Following modernistic tendencies, rectangular or modular flowerbeds of different dimensions can be made in a way that different perspectives are created according to the zone of the garden we find ourselves in and be highlighted with decorative accessories, like avant-garde sculptures, cubic, cylindrical, or spherical shaped flowerboxes of considerable size.
These new tendencies are convenient as they help economize on the garden’s maintenance costs for the following reasons:
- Watering is accomplished with the drip system incorporated in the hose. This is set out in a way that we only water the plants and not all the earth around it, whereby we economize on water and watering time.
-The earth is covered with materials that permit the earth to

breath, water to drain when it rains, avoids rapid humidity loss, and cuts down on weeds and the time needed for weeding.
-These fabrics can be covered by stone marbles, combining colours and sizes, pine bark, sand stones, gravel, ground ceramic, small garden stones or anything that occurs to us to give it a clean look and a comfortable feel.
A garden can also be modernized, but it is important for it to have your personal touch.
In interior decorating, many times, we see the combining of the modern with an antique piece of furniture, likewise the garden can have a personal touch, combining it with an old amphora, or another object that we like looking at. What do you think?
Get going! Transform your house and garden. You will see that life doesn’t get so monotonous.•

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