EDITION: April - May '06


Bio-air conditioning is a innovative new concept that air-conditions a home in an ecological, healthy, and economic way. At the same time, you can keep the doors and windows of your home open.
The bio-air conditioners use the natural principle of water evaporation to produce fresh air. In the same way that sea breeze cools, air in contact with water captures humidity and reduces its temperature.
During the installation and use of these units, certain parameters can be altered so we can enjoy better air quality.

- They work on the temperature, reducing it and the relative humidity, adjusting it to optimum levels for health and comfort.
- They are ecological, as they do not use any refrigerating gas to control the temperature.
- They ventilate, as the air itself is not re-cycled, it is constantly renewed.
- A slight pressure is created that impedes dust, smoke, and odours from entering the house.
- Static electricity is eliminated
- Natural negative ions (the good ones) are created
It allows us to air condition the home keeping doors and windows open, as the equipment does not re-circulate the air, but always produces new, fresh, and filtered air.
These new air conditioners optimize energy use up to 80% in relation to conventional equipment using compressors. So, less than 100 watts is used at minimum speed. (The same as a light bulb) allowing a minimum cost never seen before in the air conditioning of buildings.
This means air conditioning a 200m2 building (distributed in on or various floors) with a maximum energy expenditure of 1.100 watts, which is a total innovation.
Another notable characteristic is the disposition and design of the motor that produces a drastic reduction in noise levels.
The installation of the equipment is done on the roof of the building, avoiding the necessity of piping to distribute the air to the various sections. The simple opening of doors and windows provides us with a gentle breeze of fresh air in our homes.
- These air conditioners have a water quality control and “dry tank” incorporated that assures that no water stays inside the equipment during prolonged cycles (when the equipment is not in use). They also have automatic duct closure as well as a remote control that can regulate diverse functions like temperature, fan, and automatic on-off control.•

UE - ISO 9001.2000

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