EDITION: April - May '06


1) How can one consolidate debt and manage to pay less at the end of the month?
----It is a very simple concept. Normally, each month a family pays the house mortgage, the car loan, and one or two personal loans, and in addition uses the credit card to make it to the end of the month or meet unexpected expenses. The consolidation of loans is “extending the house mortgage” or the unification of all of the loans into one payment that excepting rare occasions will be lower cost because:
- The interest on mortgage loans is much lower.
- The duration of a mortgage is longer than a personal loan.

The idea is to convert “your short term debts into long term debts” with a lower economic cost.
Only in this way will you be able to lower the total of the monthly payments you have.
You will have to make “a single payment with one due date each month” this will make it easier to take care of one, instead of the many payments you now have. Moreover, it should be less than the sum of the ones you have now…
Consolidating your debts in this way, you will be able to realign your economy, and avoid that another unforeseen event throws you off track for good.

2) Usually we always work with our regular bank to ask for credit; we have confidence in them. What happens if we try Financial Consultants?
----We work with clients whose banks do not offer them solutions, although increasingly we are doing business with clients that do not agree with the prices that their bank is charging. In Spain, the concept of “going to my bank” is deeply ingrained, not like in other countries like England or Germany. There they have fewer bank offices and more financial consultants. People in those countries go to a financial consultant before they would go to a bank.
I would say the fundamental differences can be grouped in two:
Transaction volume: we have working agreements with the main national and international banking entities and
this allows us to offer the best financial conditions without tying us to anyone, “our first priority is always the client”
We count on our international agreements and private capital: we can offer financial solutions that today, a traditional bank cannot offer.

3) In Ibiza, a home is very expensive. Is it possible to get 100 financing?
----Of course, although this depends a lot on the clients profile and the unstoppable climb of prices that now it is aggravated by the rise in interest rates. We also offer these types of solutions to our clients in more agile and economic ways than the traditional bank, above all with tailor made financial transactions.

4) Do you have solutions for other types of financial problems: seizures, RAI, ASNEF, inheritances, etc.
----We can freeze a seizure in 24 hours; establish bridge credits in inheritances to consolidate the wills. We are a member of ASNEF and we solve delays of this kind assuming that there is a mortgage to guarantee the operation.

5) Can you find a house for the clients needs and take the procedure all the way through to the handing over of the keys to their home?
----Normally, these types of businesses, and as is true in our case, we have a wide range of available homes for our clients, including the financial services needed if the clients desires them. From the moment the client enters our office until they find their property, we take care of absolutely all of the appropriate procedures that the operation may require.•

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