EDITION: October - December 2010


Texto: Jordi Canut Martín

Pili, Nenu and Kity make up a happy and interesting trio of sisters who, while they are not triplets, enjoy a sorority connection that is out of the ordinary. Aside from sharing a similar physical appearance, it is obvious that they are very close. They have lived on the island for more than 25 years, having left their native Andalucia attracted by the natural beauty, the cosmopolitan character and the special energy that Ibiza has to offer. In the early 80s, Pili, the eldest, came, and later she was rejoined by Kity and Nenu. Due to the deep understanding and complicity that exists between them, the sisters very soon got interested in the concept of female spirituality, and specifically in recovering the feminine part of divinity, what they affectionately call “reclaiming the Goddess”. Chatting with them, it becomes obvious that they do not consider the influence of masculine spirituality, which has dominated the Pisces era for centuries, as negative, but they do recognise that there is an imbalance that has to be resolved. Although they are not feminists and even less so sectarian, their aim is to contribute to a re-balancing of power in our society and between the two genders. They do not believe in competition nor female rivalry, but rather look for harmony amongst women, while they help others to find their own inner beauty and feel well.

Together with a number of girlfriends, years ago, they created a women's group that they call “coven”, in which they share experiences and knowledge in order to grow spiritually, using dance as the language to express through. Dance is for them “a ritual, a form of meditation, of channelling the energy to mobilize the inner being”. In fact, the group tends to meet on full moon nights, since this is when the most energetic power is felt in the air and it is important to know how to channel it.

Over the years, the sisters have each trained in their own speciality: Kity is a dance teacher, as well as a coach for relaxation and personal growth. Nenu has studied Reiki and has been initiated into Bach flower therapies. Pili is an ayurvedic masseuse and therapist. A year ago, they managed to make a dream they had held for a long time become real: to work together in the same project, sharing and reinforcing their vision of Life in order to bring well-being to others. Basically, to work professionally in the areas they practice already in their personal lives.

Following this philosophy, the concept of “Hijas de Tanit” (“Daughters of Tanit”) was born. They are now working on promoting the group through social networks such as Facebook: “Hijas de Tanit”, where all the activities of the group can be found. They are also very happy to receive and answer enquiries by telephone. Above all, Kity insists on the fact that they do not consider themselves as masters, but rather that they are immersed in a constant learning process. Their motivation is to exchange and continue training, learning also from others: “from the group for the group”.

For Pili, Nenu and Kity this has been, is and always will be a “lifetime pathway”, along which they continue to grow as human beings but especially as women, in a voyage towards serenity that they wish to share with all those who, like them, are walking in search of spiritual peace.

Facebook: Hijas de Tanit

Tel. 607 910 805 (Kiti)