EDITION: February - March '06


• Solar water heaters – have you got one yet?
When thinking of fitting a domestic hot water system in your new house, or upgrading your old system, why not make the best of the sun’s energy and install a solar collector and storage tank. This can save you up to 80% on your domestic hot water expenses for the year and give you the satisfaction of doing something very positive to reduce global warming.
• Low energy garden lighting
Beautiful and efficient modern technology

If you have a large garden and like to light it up at night, you will need to install a lot of bulbs, which can use a great amount of electricity and cause a lot of pollution. Instead, you should consider installing very economical low consumption lighting which uses LED’s and supplying them with a simple solar-powered energy system. This will cost you nothing to run and will greatly reduce your electricity bill!

• Biomass energy systems

If you can imagine to help keep Ibiza’s forests clean and fire free as they used to be in years gone by, then perhaps you will be interested to use a household heating and domestic water heating system driven by ‘Biomass energy’. This uses materials removed from the forests during cleaning and transformed into a solid fuel suitable for burning in specially designed systems producing a very efficient, extremely cheap and locally available source of heat energy.