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Meditation is as natural as any human activity.

Most people lead normal, average lives and use only a very small part of their consciousness. Being homo sapiens sapiens, our potential to develop and expand our consciousness is enormous. Meditation helps to strengthen our consciousness, increases our creativity and enables us to live a meaningful life.

Meditation is as old as humanity itself and emerged simultaneously with the development of human consciousness, only in those times it was not yet called meditation.

Meditation is usually considered as a practise imported from eastern cultures. This is because it has only recently become widely known in the West, as well as because meditation traditions are so eminently presented in Buddhism and Hinduism.
For the Christian Jewish occidental world it was like a “revelation”, because historically, meditation (in the west) was more a part of the private or hidden spiritual life behind Christian monastery walls or rooted in the secret Jewish tradition of the Kabbala.
Meditation in the East and in the West was systemized by using certain methods to enable the passing on from one generation to the next.

During this process, the goals and effects of meditation were expressed with words and symbols of the equivalent religions and cultures.
For that reason it appears to us as if the different systems of meditation seem to describe totally different realities.
In reality, this is not the case. The confusion caused by all the different descriptions of meditation should not deceive us about the real nature of meditation, which is: the development of the potential of human consciousness.
To this potential belongs the realm which defines human beings since the beginning of history: the search for the unknown, the search for the divine.
This search is the core of the development process called meditation.
As homo sapiens sapiens, or “double-wise” people, we have the ability to know that we know!
If we use this scientific name as an orientation, the basic goal of our species could be the realization that we – individually and collectively – own the potential of double wisdom.
How does this “double wisdom” manifest itself?
Human beings not only have the ability to know, but also the ability to turn the mirror of knowing and look at themselves reflectively. We can watch how we watch.
This watchfulness is at the heart of meditation.
Dassana has been leading meditation courses in Ibiza, Holland and Germany for 15 years.
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