EDITION: February - March '06


1. A client offers a property for you to sell: how do you assure that the property actually belongs to them and they have the right to sell it?
One of the biggest advantages that dealing with a registered estate agent is the legal security; as the first thing a professional does is make all the pertinent checks according to the type of property, verifying the properties inscription in the Property Registry, which is where the title is checked, or the urban development category in the town hall if we are talking about plots of land etc.

2. Once the full property record is complete, (characteristics, photos, etc.) how do you market the property?
Directly onto our client list, with more than 20 years of activity and growing daily.
Meanwhile, the publications that we deem most advantageous; like local press, specialized magazines, road signs, and especially on our internet portal.

3. When a client visits, what are the first steps taken? Listen to his needs and ideas, and then show him our catalogue of available homes. We supply them with the information and particulars of each property and that take them to see the homes that they might be interested in.

4. If in the end a buy or sale is made, do you take care of all the paperwork? Does the buyer/seller have to do anything?
We take care of the largest part of the procedure, notwithstanding, the parties involved have to do a few of them, and of course we will advise them fully and accompany them if needed, even if it’s only for their peace of mind.

5. If you have a property for a long time and have invested a lot in publicity, but cannot sell it, is the owner charged something?
No, never, only if there are costs not associated to the selling; like for example, the drawing of topographic plans, only if they are by special request by the seller or buyer, in which case the party that ordered them pays.

6. When a potential buyer makes many visits during a space of time and you have to make innumerable visits with them to see property, but in the end buys nothing, do you charge anything?
No, not either.

7. Is it better to have the property in many estate agents, or have an exclusive arrangement with one?
It can be in two or three agents, but its better that it is not in too many. With an exclusive agreement, for a period time, the seller has certain advantages, as they have preferential treatment in regards to investment, publicity, etc.
It may seem that giving an exclusive could limit sales possibilities, but it is not true. Because with the exclusive we offer the property to other collaborating agents who also promote it.