EDITION: December '05 - January '06


- Refined paraffin wax
- Melting bag
- Candle molds
- Vegetable oil
- Wick cotton fiber
- Aromatic essence
- Coloring pigments

Heat the refined paraffin in a double boiler.
Grease the mold. Securely place the wick in the center of the mold opening. Before taking the refined paraffin from the heat, add the aromatic essence and the colored pigment.
Pour the wax into the mold, slowly letting it fall into the center where it will cover the wick. In order to fill the base of the candle you must save some of the hot wax. Using a pencil, pat down the paraffin to the sides of the mold expeling the air pockets.
When the wax cools it contracts and after an hour an empty space will occur at the base of the candle. This must be filled with the saved wax.
After 5 hours remove the candle from the mold. The candle may have small scratches or imperfections that we can smooth out rubbing it with an alcohol soaked nylon stocking.