EDITION: December '05 - January '06



Have you ever thought about riding a horse?
The general concept about horseback riding is that it is an elitist sport but I can assure you that it is quite erroneous. I admit that having a horse is not within everyone’s reach, but it is not necessary to own a horse to enjoy riding.
The horse is a large and very powerful animal, but at the same time it has a big heart and needs affection. It is intelligent, obedient, grateful and becomes an authentic and loyal companion.
In addition, this sport has been used, quite successfully, as a rehabilitation method for children with physical and mental handicaps including Downs’s syndrome. The practice of horse back riding results in a teaming of the rider and the horse, two living beings that have to communicate, understand, and help each other.

In Ibiza there are various equestrian sports centres where one can start with some basic notions and then:

- Take walks in the country: with a guide, where one can enjoy the beautiful natural settings of the island in a tranquil way.
- Take full moon walks: walks are organized with a guide to observe the beauty of the country and the forests that are illuminated by that special light that the moon offers. Once the walk is finished a dinner is usually organized at the stables.

- Taming classes: once the initiation phase is accomplished, one can continue learning with the Taming module and acquire further proficiency and at the same time make some good exercise.
- Jumping classes: to go to the jumping module it is essential to have done the taming module. You can try it and if you really like it you can start to compete.

There is a calendar of jumping and taming competitions during the year, usually on Sundays. It is interesting to go as a spectator, enjoying the atmosphere, have a drink and watch the events and tricks the horses and riders perform.

At the equestrian centres there are classes and walks every day except Mondays, which is a day off. They also teach everything that is needed about the equestrian world, meaning what the horse is saying with its movements, brushing, saddling, the reins material care and many other things.
If you really like riding it is possible to buy a horse. These equestrian centers will advise you on the selection of a horse and of course they can care and board your new horse. All you have to do is enjoy it. Any age is a good age to try horseback riding.