EDITION: December '05 - January '06


Greenheart eco-tips for Christmas…

• When you do your Christmas shopping this year, try to think about our planet and its people as some of your best friends. A natural and ethically produced gift can be much more exciting to receive as a present than one which has been made in a harmful way or which is totally over packaged. You'll also feel a whole lot happier giving something which doesn't cost the Earth and which truly represents the spirit of Christmas!

• Try to recycle Christmas items as much as possible instead of buying new ones, at least using wrapping paper from last year's presents and last year's cards to make special name tags. A fun and creative activity to do with the kids on those long winter evenings is to make your own Christmas decorations, using old cards, scraps of Christmassy wrapping paper, natural elements (such as pine cones, leaves, beeswax candles, pebbles...) and joining them up with fishing line or melted wax.

• If you are considering eating a turkey or a roast chicken this Christmas, why not order one from an organic farm or at least buy one that has been produced in a humane manner. You'll be sure to enjoy your family feast more, knowing that you are not causing unnecessary suffering to animals in the process.