EDITION: October-November '05


Ibiza is a beautiful island with a unique ecosystem. Every year millions of tourists come to the Balearic Islands to enjoy the marvellous beaches and impressive natural beauty, and for many Ibiza has become their adopted country. Notwithstanding that, let’s be honest; who hasn’t taken a walk along the beach and seen an uncountable number of cigarette butts and other trash in the water or on the sand? Or who hasn’t seen, walking in the countryside, plastic bags hanging in the trees or rusty cans thrown there?

Every year the Consell Insular, like many private and volunteer organizations, like Green Heart, organize beach or countryside cleanings. At most beaches signs have been set out saying “please keep nature clean” and there are also trash containers in plain sight. Nonetheless, often one can notice inconsiderate people leaving trash around. Here are some examples of the most common kinds of trash, how long they take to decompose and the effect they produce on the environment:

- A newspaper needs 6 weeks and is biodegradable.
- A banana peel needs 2 months and is biodegradable.

Materials that are Not biodegradable (waste that can decompose but cannot be absorbed, or restored into nature) I.E.:
- A can needs 50 years to decompose and is not biodegradable
- A plastic bag needs 300 years to decompose and is not biodegradable
- A plastic bottle needs 450 years to decompose and is not biodegradable
- A cigarette butt needs 50 years to decompose, pollutes about 50 litters of subterranean water and is not biodegradable. If someone throws one away carelessly, it can cause a forest fire in dry and hot years. It is also highly toxic and can be fatal to a child that happens to put it in their mouth.

It doesn’t take much effort to collect ones garbage and deposit it in the nearest container, but it does have a positive effect on our environment.

In this way the people that come behind us can also enjoy the beauty of these places.