EDITION: June - August 2013

Claim your health Rights

Text: Lua Gómez Moya

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What are your rights if you need urgent care:
• You have the right to be seen at the Emergency Services, local PAC or in hospital. You must insist on being admitted at the hospital due to urgent illness.
• The person who denies you assistance will be responsible for what happens to you.
• Only medical staff (not administrative staff) can evaluate the urgency of the situation.
How to act when faced with an urgent condition:
• If they will not see you, ask to be seen in writing. Present an already-written complaint or fill in the complaints form.
• Demand your rights to be respected at the admission desk.
• If your rights are not respected, make a complaint at the Patients’ Complaints office.
• If you have a right to receive care, do not sign any payment commitments. If you do not see any other way out, sign it as “not in agreement” and, as soon as you can, file the corresponding complaint. •