EDITION: June-July '05


In our times, recycling has become an exstensive and explosive subject. The majority of the European countries have already made it obligatory to seperate garbage. Large fines are imposed on those who do not comply.

Ibiza has special containers for paper, glass and plastic. Many of Ibizas residents continue thinking that recycling in Ibiza is just a hoax. You could`nt be more wrong!

All of the seperated garbage correctly deposited in the containers are transported to the "transformation plant", located next to Gesa. There the garbage is classified, packed and sent to the peninsula to specialized recycling companies for each specific material.

It is essential that we take responcibility for our own garbage. We must remember that our natural resources are running out and contamination to the earths environment is at its highest levels.
If we seperate our garbage we will set a positive example for our children, neighbors and friends, motivating them to do the same. The key to a well functioning society is not only cooperation between all of us but the active participation of each person as an individual.

There are 3 golden rules that will help greatly in improving the earths environment:
1- Reduce: This means to learn to differenciate between what is necessary and what is superfluous. This can be applied to our daily habits (consuming energy, water, paper, plastic, gas, etc.).
2- Reuse: Reuse whatever you are able, ie. glass and cans can serve to guard other things, old car tires can be converted into fantastic swings for children... There is no limit to creativity!
3-Recycle: This signifies to make a extra effort to seperate your garbage and deposit it in the correct containers.