EDITION: October - December 2010


Texto: Emma Nathan
Ibiza´s 1st Energy Conference

Where you are at this very moment is exactly where you should be. Do you have faith that the path you are taking is the right one for you right now? Is it possible to believe your direction in life is the direction that you are supposed to be travelling in, however it feels – good or bad? Why can some people believe that the Universe guides them on their correct path? Even in today’s times of quick change and huge challenges. This theory or ‘way of being’ is reaching new popularity. It’s not New Age. It has been around since the dawn of time only now it is being recognised and reaching a new level.

We could spend hours, possibly days, deliberating why this is happening. Additionally how. The most pertinent point is that this IS happening – the Universe helps everyone. And every thing. This human awareness, and way of being, is showing that the World collectively wants to raise the vibration of consciousness. Using positive energy to make more positive things happen. The mind is the biggest muscle in the body and the body’s greatest tool. Mankind is striving for greater happiness. Greater peace. Inner happiness. Inner peace. Humankind is being reminded that their actual being (person) – the mind, the body and the soul is where the joy and the happiness actually reside. It just needs to be accessed … and reignited. Moreover, that when individually this feeling is attainted it emanates through vibrations which is transmittable. People are now believing that everything they need is out there, especially for them, as long as they believe it – and that the Universe provides it exactly when they need it. This state of awareness raises the vibration attracting more of the same and making it stronger. Isn’t this what the gurus have been on about for years? 

So how is this awareness being raised? Simply put, it is a case of tuning into feelings rather than thoughts. Using your mind rather than your brain. Being quiet. Being still. Just being. Take, for example, any indigenous people of any culture who have not been corrupted by the industrial and more recently technological revolution – they use their consciousness and all their senses for day to day living – eating, hunting, working and often communicating. They use their intuition, watching for constant synchronicities to guide them in their lives. Connecting body and mind with how they “feel” rather than how they “think”. In the West people have become so far removed from this way of living … but it is now turning around. The Western World is realising that in living a happy life, “being” is a necessary part of achieving happiness. It is achieved by connecting – with oneself. With other beings. With other living species. With nature.

The popularity of works like “The Secret” proving people want to believe in the greater good of the Universe. The Secret is no real secret at all, simply a reminder that we forgot how powerful we as individuals really are. Positivity is as contagious as the common cold but has the exact opposite effect – that the result of this positive energy results in Universal Love not Fear. The light workers (healers) are leading the way with using love and energy for healing the body and mind, and many are following their example. Everyone is a healer; you just need to know how to tune into it – like tuning in a radio. This “energy evolution” has reminded the human race to watch for signs, synchronicities and connections between themselves, each other and the Universe.

“Eat. Love. Pray” – released this month at the cinema with one of Hollywood’s most respected and successful actresses is an example of how “universal” appeal of this raised awareness or higher level of consciousness is spreading and how “everyday” people with “perfect” lives do not feel fulfilled or satisfied and are searching for something “more”. The expansion of consciousness is everywhere. These are all signs, tools if you will, guiding the way and promoting consciousness – awareness of our respective individual existence.

What has caused this? Why are these patterns occurring? Why now? Is it synchronicity? Is there a deeper meaning? What we do know is this, that belief is a great thing and from belief comes faith and from faith comes manifestation and this is how the energy increases.

To answer these and many other questions Ibiza´s first Energy Conference “Energy Week Ibiza” will be running from the 15th – 18th October. It will take place in the Hotel Aguas de Ibiza in Sta. Eulària. Worldwide renowned healers and energy workers from varying fields will meet to create a platform for energy work and “its various approaches, philosophies and techniques”. This is an opportunity for everybody who is interested in working with energy, or anyone who is simply curious, to see what the congress has to offer.

The organisers of the event hope “to create a networking platform for people from the island who are working here as therapists, healers and light workers. The idea is to present a variety of energy-related topics during the congress and to spread information. The main idea of the Energy Week is to promote the island, its beauty, its people and its energy.” Energy Week is open to everyone. Check www.energyweekibiza.com for details.