EDITION: April - june 2012


Texto: Cat Weisweiller
You may be surprised to learn that evidence of the practice of colonic irrigation dates back as far as 1500 BC; when Egyptians regularly visited their temples for a cleansing. Nowadays, its popularity continues to escalate, with more and more people, in every corner of the world, using it as part of their routine health regime. Here at ibiCASA, we felt that it was time to get to the bottom of what this age-old tradition is all about.
Colonic hydrotherapy practitioner and Ibiza resident, Anne Marie Petash, was so taken by the health benefits of her regular colonics sessions that she decided to train in the system herself. Having taught Pilates for over 25 years, she was drawn by the fact that hydrotherapy also works on the tremendously powerful principle that healing the body works most effectively from the inside out. “Your body is a temple, and your colon a cornerstone of your health. It serves as an invaluable barometer of your overall wellbeing and early indicator of problems that may lie ahead. By clearing toxicity, and thus maintaining the health of this area, other overriding physical conditions are kept at bay.”

Colonic hydrotherapy is often used by people in full health purely as a preventative measure to keep their digestive systems in optimum working order, or even as a one-off clearing of debris that may have accumulated over many years – for this, a minimum of two sessions is recommended. It is also used to treat a huge spectrum of physical complaints including: acidic conditions like gout, rheumatism and arthritis; bloatedness; constipation; fertility problems; skin complaints; parasites; candida albicans; toxic buildup from long-term prescribed medication or antibiotics overload; and even postural and alignment issues – Anne Marie has often had referrals from osteopaths who have felt that a colonic imbalance may be the underlying cause of a patient’s discomfort. People instructed to take a laxative in preparation for diagnostic testing also often choose to have a natural enema through hydrotherapy, over taking prescription laxatives which can be hugely potent. Whatever the reason for a session, clients invariably report feeling lighter, clearer, brighter and significantly energised after a treatment.
A visit to Anne Marie’s wonderful therapy centre near Santa Eulalia serves to quickly allay any concerns: although the hydrotherapy method is entirely safe and hygienic, her therapy room is refreshingly non-clinical, and the process comfortably non-invasive – for Anne Marie, creating a conducive environment for healing is absolutely key. The hydrotherapy system is manually controlled by the practitioner, and therefore fail-safe. Easy to start or stop at any time, the treatment caters to the client’s individual needs and is totally pain-free – all sessions also come with the added welcome distraction of an external colonic massage and reflexology. Anne Marie has a variety of herbal supplements on hand to enhance the session, or facilitate recommended aftercare; including probiotics and digestive enzymes to aid the body’s digestion of fats, proteins and carbs.
Anne Marie, Canadian by birth, swapped a 31 year stint in London with full-time residency here in 2011. Having already been resident here (1999 - 2002), she and her partner, Kevin, decided that now was the perfect time to finally put down permanent roots. Anne Marie is fuelled by the fact that countless fellow healers here have earned some well deserved me time, and that she can also offer people prone to a typically “tox, detox & retox” lifestyle the benefit of some timely inner cleansing. Where better for this than Ibiza?