EDITION: June-July '05


The CAN GALL rural tourism hotel is a typical Ibicincan farm house over 200 years old. Situated totally in the nature, you find it on the road to San Juan, in the north of the island. It is set on a plot of land of 137.000 m2, boarded by mountains. It is a predominately red earth that is used for agriculture, and filled with fruit, almond, and thousand year old olive trees.

Initially the land was only about 1.000 m2 with a corral and a single building used as a house. These were hard times and the family finally had to immigrate to Cuba. The present owner’s grandfather was born in Cuba and decided to come back to his land in Ibiza. Slowly, as the family grew, he enlarged the house, bought more land where he grew peppers, potatoes, zucchini, melons and fruit trees.

The father of the present owner, Santiago Mari, last remodelled the house in 1950 when he got married.

It was two years ago when the family got the idea to convert the farm into a rural hotel and got to work surrounding the house with pleasant gardens, a pool etc.

Inside we find a rustic atmosphere, with hand made wooden and forged iron furniture. It has nine rooms where one finds comfort and privacy. Everything is adapted for the handicapped.

This entire setting converts this rural hotel into a place where peace and tranquillity can be enjoyed in summer as well as winter.