EDITION: December - February 2012


Texto: Cat Weisweiller

« If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint,”

then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced. »

Vincent van Gogh



The stunning light in nature and spectacular scenery in Ibiza continually attract artists into our creative fold. By artist, I do mean each and every one of us; there is no one that doesn’t have some form of creativity flowing through their veins. Before you shake your head in disagreement, ponder this – often discouraged by the constraints of school curriculums, peer pressure or a teacher’s judgmental gaze, many of us have long since abandoned our creativity in a tragic misnomer that art is anything other than defined in the eye of the beholder – ourselves being the most important beholders of all.


So easily forgotten is the fact that art is as much about the journey, as the outcome; it serves as an incredibly cathartic expression of ourselves, whatever our supposed skill level. The very act of sculpting a creative work, from beginning to end, offers a personal satisfaction that we may not have enjoyed since we were small children. Cast your mind back and you will recall that your early childhood was almost definitely defined by creating things – whether this be dreaming up imaginative games, furnishing your tree or doll’s houses or building model airplanes. The very act of learning to write by hand was, in itself, a huge creative feat. By taking away the self-inflicted or external judgments forced upon us later in life, we can re-immerse ourselves in an unbridled world of artistic experimentation – powerful soul-nurturing stuff, whatever our age.


Here in Ibiza, there is an ever-growing list of affordable creative workshops on offer. Keen to share their years of experience and enthusiasm for art with others; many teachers aim to just inject the forgotten fun back into art. So, for those of you looking to reconnect with your suppressed inner artist and experience the profound joy of no-holds-barred creative expression, here follows a list of just a handful of creative courses available to you this winter.



Life drawing, painting and graphic design: U.S. born, Joel, of “Joel Rice Design“, studied fine art at the University of Washington, Seattle. He went on to design for the Seattle Weekly, Marbella Times and EMI Records (New York). He later settled in Ibiza and, amongst other things, taught secondary art at the Morna International School from 2000 to 2010. He now teaches children and adults alike – privately in their own homes or at his studio in Sant Joan. As a teacher, Joel’s emphasis is on, “inspiration, creativity and the joy in the process of creating art.” Tailoring his classes to fit the needs of his pupils, his students always walk away with a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Joel teaches in both Spanish and English.


Jewellery making: Resident in Ibiza since 2000, Cyd Hutton of “Joy Jewellery” comes from a long ancestral line of silversmiths. Since graduating at Chesterfield College of Art in 1996, Cyd has been actively designing and making her own jewellery. Her pieces have been sold in over 50 galleries and shops across the UK and Ibiza and featured in countless international trade fairs. Cyd’s courses, available to Spanish and English speakers, offer the perfect introduction to jewellery making, in surroundings that inspire both creativity and relaxation. Cyd adopts a wonderfully nurturing approach to her teaching; her priority being to share the joy of creating one’s own precious keepsakes.


Photography: Award winning Spanish photographer, Isa Sanz, obtained a Photography and Media Arts degree in the UK. She has since exhibited extensively across Spain and the UK. Praised for her unique ground-breaking photographical style, Isa is an inspirational teacher in her field. Isa offers courses in both English and Spanish – either for beginners wanting to explore photography in nature, or for the more advanced looking to learn nude photography and studio or outdoor lighting techniques. Her workshops offer the perfect balance of technical proficiency and creative freedom.


Upholstery, sewing, screen printing and lamp-shade covering: Mark of “Crafty Ibiza” trained in the UK, where his extensive upholstery and design skills were later called upon by leading stylists and interiors magazines including “Elle Decoration” and “Country Homes & Interiors”. Resident in Ibiza since 2006, he has consolidated his passion for both teaching and creating into a studio workshop in northern Ibiza that positively bursts with arts, crafts and upholstery paraphernalia – a veritable playschool for grown-ups. Mark offers a comprehensive list of residential and non-residential courses tailored for all levels and ages. Above all, Mark takes great pleasure in unearthing people’s hidden talents – his contagious enthusiasm gently inspiring people of all ages into trying their hand at most anything. Spanish and English speakers welcome.



A range of courses under one roof including tapestry and pottery:  Two Britons, Lizzy and Dominic, have recently manifested their long held dream of offering a range of affordable creative courses to Ibiza residents over the winter. Hosted at their stunning villa near San Lorenzo, this year’s courses include pottery, life drawing, cookery, tapestry and Christmas craft making. Nearly all of their teacher’s weekend and evening courses are taught in both Spanish and English and available on a ‘class by class’ basis. The priority being that everyone can feel free to explore their creativity however much, or little, as they choose.