EDITION: December - February 2012


Texto: Helen Howard

For many years ibiCASA has been trying to get an exclusive interview with the Three Kings. Finally, at long last our wish has been granted!
Under conditions of extreme secrecy our reporter has been allowed to meet up with these three wise men as they prepare to travel to Ibiza with their heavily loaded boat. The kings are very excited, because this year they have decided to bring invisible gifts alongside the traditional sweets and presents.
IbiCASA: Invisible presents! What on earth could they be?
Melchor: I will be bringing ‘Hearts of Gold’. In these changing times, people’s hearts can get very troubled. For example, many children now worry that they will be laughed at if they do not wear the latest fashion clothes, or they feel that they cannot be happy without the latest computer game. And many parents worry too, thinking that they must provide these things for their children, even when they don’t have much money. When I was a boy, over 2,000 years ago, we still had a good time without all these funny bits of plastic, because we knew that love is the most important thing. So when I get off the boat, I will be throwing out invisible ‘Hearts of Gold’ for anyone who wants to catch one.
IbiCASA: Thank you Melchor, that sounds very beautiful. And Gaspar, what will your invisible present be?
Gaspar: Before I can answer that I need to ask you a question: What do you think is more valuable: Three delicious chocolates that you really appreciate or ten delicious chocolates that you don’t appreciate at all?
IbiCASA: Well three delicious chocolates, of course.
Gaspar: Exactly, my dear friend… and that is why my invisible gift will be ‘Hearts of Appreciation’. Most of us don’t realise how many good things we already have in our lives, because we forget to really appreciate them. Often we spend our time thinking of all the things we still want, or all the things we are not happy with… So everyday, I spend 5 minutes thinking of all the things which I do appreciate… it might be family or friends or a lovely story or a day on the beach... but it could be anything at all. So when I get off the boat, I will be bringing ‘Hearts of Appreciation’ for anyone who wants to catch one.
IbiCASA: Thank you Gaspar. And Baltasar, what invisible gifts will you bring?
Baltasar: I will bring the ‘Heart of Nature’.
IbiCASA: That sounds like an absolutely massive thing to carry. How will you fit it on the boat?
Baltasar: It is massive, because nature is all around us. It’s in the air we breathe, the yummy food we eat… It’s in the sky, the sun, the moon and stars. In fact it’s in everything which is truly precious and beautiful, including ourselves. But even though it’s so big, it will still fit inside one invisible little heart. So when I get off the boat, I will be bringing ‘Hearts of Nature’ for anyone who wants to catch one.
IbiCASA: Thank you Baltasar... Now I have a very important question for all of you: How will anyone be able to catch the hearts if they are invisible?
Melchor: That’s easy – you can only catch a heart with a heart – so you only need to wish with all your heart to receive them, and you will. Even if you cannot be there when we get off the boat, the invisible hearts can fly to you wherever you are, and not just the children, but the mummies and daddies and all the other grown ups too. It doesn’t even matter which day you do it, any day will do.
IbiCASA: Thank you all! You are truly the wisest men I have spoken to in a long time!