EDITION: December-March '05


The quality of the water and maintenance of the swimming pool is directly related to the choice of the filtration system and the recirculation of the water (physical treatment) and the use of specific products (chemical treatment).

As far as the physical treatment is concerned, there are two large systems:

- A mostly classical and traditional one that involves the building of a control house and a network of pipes that are buried and connect the pool with the filter. Here the possibilities of leaks gets multiplied and an additional company other than the one that built the pool is needed.

- A modern “tower block” system that transforms the up to the moment preconceived ideas. This filtration station was designed to enable a faster construction and last a longer time as it doesn’t need a control house or the network of buried pipes.
The filtration without pipes considerably reduces the risk of leaks. The filtration station is built astride the wall completely independent of the pool and can be taken apart and stored in a dry place in the winter. This system simplifies the pool construction, the water maintenance , the service visits of the pool men and offers the user a pool that is easy to live with.

There are different types for installing the tower block type in wich we can integrate counter- current swimming, heating, hydro massage and other systems.

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