EDITION: December - February 2012

MORE THAN CLASSIFIED ADS. A positive point of view

Ibicasa has often written articles presenting creative ideas for businesses in challenging times. We are sympathetic to the fact that small businesses are finding themselves under increasing pressure to re-evaluate their market and redefine their product accordingly.
At De Todo en Ibiza – a monthly classified ad newspaper crafted by the same publishers as IbiCASA – things are no different. They knew that they needed to find a way to build on their existing resources; without overstretching their budget or alienating their original readership.
So, here’s what they came up with: along with their extensive list of classified ads, they now publish positive news articles in both Spanish and English – at a time when people find themselves more and more disheartened by the regular news, they felt that the island could do with a good news only newspaper. As great believers in collaboration, they also decided to invite specialists from a variety of sectors to contribute positive news articles in their own mini newspaper segments within De Todo.
De Todo launched their new format newspaper this December with 5 pages of good news, plus: an Art and Culture page, 4 pages of ecological articles prepared by ‘Greenheart’, 1 page of music reporting compiled by DJ and Sonica radio presenter Hofer66, a page of the ‘Snakeman’ comic, a Health and Wellness page created by Toby and Belinda Clarke of ‘Healing Ibiza’ and ‘Ibiza Reiki’ and a restaurant page called, ‘¡Hoy no quiero cocinar!’ (‘Today I Don’t Fancy Cooking’).
This is only the beginning – De Todo looks forward to many more mutually beneficial link ups with differ ent contributors across Ibiza whilst continuing to offer their readers something bilingual and uplifting to read… for free. ENJOY!