EDITION: October - December 2011


Texto: Cat Weisweiller

In 2007, Dominique Sanson’s “History of Ibiza” painting collection circulated the island to much critical acclaim. 4 years on, ibiCASA catches up with Dominique to view his eagerly awaited latest work: “The Human Galaxy”.

Measuring a mighty 8 metres by 2 metres, it is not surprising that “The Human Galaxy” took 2 years to paint. It stands as a visual testament to Dominique’s decades of dedicated research across esoteric spirituality, philosophy and religion. Resident here for over 40 years, his fascination with all things esoteric predated much of the acceptance, and now even expectation, of such things today. This majestic canvas feels like a cathartic outpouring of all that he has absorbed over a very many years.
Viewed from a distance, the canvas purports to only depict an immense galaxy or flying saucer floating in a vast universe, surrounded by images of the Big Bang, the creation of other galaxies, solar systems, planets and stars. However, on closer inspection of the main element, an astonishing number of intricate scenes unfold to illustrate the spiritual history of mankind; predominantly seen through the eyes of Shamanism, the Kabbalah, Tantric Alchemy, Gnosticism, Sufism, Freemasonry and modern spiritual society. All these scenes are segregated into different geographical regions and historical timelines that move, from left to right, through evolution to modern day.

Duplicated religious and spiritual themes found throughout the globe, even at a time when racial intercommunication was physically and technically impossible, are woven poignantly throughout the overall image. The painting also shows ancient engravings, that exist in real life, of space craft and “flying equipment”, many centuries before their actual human invention – supporting growing theories that either the engravers were communicating with a higher source of information, or that another human incarnation existed before ours, or, that other human incarnations co-exist, in tandem with ours, as I write.
The pyramids, as featured on Dominique’s painting, remind us of the same – it is claimed that these pyramids, along with countless other structural phenomena across the globe, could simply not have been built with the human knowledge or physical tools available at their supposed creation date. As the painting also hints, there is very serious geographical evidence emerging that world civilisations existed well before our ‘given’ history suggests, and that some documented religious miracles may have just been misunderstood natural disasters.

Some may see “The Human Galaxy” as a visual work of enormous geographical and historical value alone. Others, particularly in the free-thinking realms, as a very powerful piece of esoteric work. As Dominique points out himself, visual imagery is sometimes easier to navigate than thousands of words strewn across many different books. As an artist, he has done the beholder the service of consolidating years of his research into a series of pleasing visual prompts, open to everyone’s individual interpretation.
Dominique feels that “The Human Galaxy” is best accompanied by a quote from the learned quantum physicist, Dr Amit Goswami, Ph.D: “Consciousness, the author of quantum creation… is Universal and Cosmic and God as postulated by all esoteric traditions of spirituality.” In simpler terms, many agree that: Consciousness is, and always has been, the single most binding, absolute and constant truth featured across all spirituality.

What is not in doubt is that justice cannot be done to the intricacies of this image, nor their meanings, in a magazine article alone. If you feel excited about the ever emerging and very compelling evidence that there is much new vital information for us to absorb about our galaxy, its history, and our place in it – a personal visit to view the painting, have a chat with its creator and further open your mind to the staggering mysteries of our universe, would be heartily recommended. •