EDITION: October - December 2011


An interview with Jerry Brownstein



For the past two years Ibicasa has had the great pleasure of publishing numerous articles by Jerry Brownstein covering a wide range of topics: Quantum Physics, The Zero Point Field, The Law of Attraction, The Mind Body Connection, 2012, The Dawn of Transformation, and many aspects of The Art of Conscious Living. All of these writings have given us valuable insights and information on how to improve the quality of our lives, so we felt it appropriate at this time to highlight some of his most important teachings in this special one on one interview.


Spirituality and Consciousness seem to be more popular than ever before. Why is this?
These are incredibly exciting times in which we are living – I call it ”The Dawn of Transformation”. More and more of us are feeling that the world we have inherited is not in harmony with what we feel in our hearts. We are searching for a better way of living and you can see this clearly in the rising popularity of yoga, meditation, spiritual books and alternative healing. The Evolutionary Impulse that drives humanity has reached a critical point – a choice point – and for the first time in human history we have the opportunity to reach for our full potential. Many people are feeling the pull of this powerful transformative energy and it is awakening within them the desire to bring real joy and beauty into their lives.
How does Conscious Living fit in with this awakening?
As people start to feel this new awareness they want to change their lives to find true happiness and fulfillment, but most do not know how to go about it. Conscious Living guides you onto a new path and gives you the tools to create your life to be a joyous celebration in every aspect of your being – Body, Mind and Spirit. Instead of being a victim of your past experiences and perceptions you get to choose whom you wish to be right here, right now. Conscious Living shows you how to take back your power by choosing your thoughts, words and actions so that they are a clear reflection of your beautiful authentic self – the real you that is buried beneath layers of conditioning.
What does one do to make this kind of transformation?
The essence of living consciously is mindfulness, which simply means being aware that you have the power to make choices about everything you say and do. Instead of blindly following your past programming you discover that who you really are is so much more than that – so much more beautiful. The best way to create this type of positive change in your life is to develop a daily practice of what I call “Blissiplines” which are disciplines that bring you real bliss. A daily practice can start with just ten minutes each morning and then grow as you become more comfortable with it. We are all unique individ-uals so your practice will become a personalized mixture of blissiplines that work for you and your lifestyle. Physical practices like yoga, Qi Gong and energy exercises are blended with the inner explorations such as meditation, affirmations, visualization and conscious breathing. Body, mind and spirit are all nourished so that you feel your true inner beauty on all levels and can bring that wonderful energy into every area of your life.
How long does it take to master Conscious Living?
Your life will begin to transform immediately and the stronger your intention to grow the faster and deeper will be your progress. How long does it take? That question reminds me of the Zen student who wanted to know when he would become enlightened. His teacher smiled and answered that enlightenment is not a destination – it is a journey – a continuing adventure that yields more and more light at each new level. Living consciously works the same way. Your body and spirit will be lifted to new heights, and you will feel so great that you will be compelled to fly ever higher. 
How can we combine Conscious Living with our busy working lives?
Actually that is the whole point of living consciously: to make our daily life a reflection of our highest choices. The first step is to create some time in the morning for your blissiplins so that you can connect with your inner wisdom, but that is just the beginning. Your practice will continue throughout the day as you learn to bring mindfulness into every aspect of your life – relationships, business, social life… everything. Each minute presents you with another opportunity to be the change you wish to see. Over time, as you continue to intentionally live in harmony with your inner light, you will begin to experience new levels of consciousness in all areas of your life. Work, play, health, and creativity will all evolve naturally and gracefully as your true authentic self begins to shine.
This sounds great so what is the best way to get started? Is it enough to read books on the subject? 
Getting started is a very individual matter. Some people love to read and teach themselves; others prefer to have personal guidance; and most of us respond best to a combination of both. It can be very helpful to work with someone who has already been down the path so that you get the message faster and in a form that will “click” or resonate with you. We live in an age where we are overwhelmed with information through books, media and the internet. This presents us with the challenge of finding out what is worthwhile and what is not, so again guidance from a trusted source can save you from wasting a lot of time and energy. Certainly learning the blissiplines is a lot faster and more fun with a good teacher who can help you to find the ones that work best for you. That said, this process is all about empowering you to participate in your own unfoldment, so once you get going you will need less and less guidance.
Do you have any final thoughts?
Each of us has a unique gift to give to ourselves and to the world… it is our beautiful inner light fully emerged and expressing itself in every aspect of our being. It’s a sweet thing and it is available for all those who want to make their lives richer and more rewarding. As the Buddhist proverb says: “When the student is ready the teacher appears…” •