EDITION: June - August 2011

WORLD PEACE ACTION. Give Peace a Chance

The island of Ibiza has been chosen as the host site for the World Peace Days celebration that will run from June 18 to June 25. This is a global initiative to awaken the consciousness of the planet through a collective opening of our hearts. It is no wonder that Ibiza has been selected to be the location for this transformative event because the special energy of this island has always attracted wonder and fascination. The name Ibiza arises in numerous myths and stories throughout history starting 2,500 years ago with the Phoenicians who settled here and worshipped our Goddess Tanit. It is also said that Plato regarded Ibiza as one of the doors to Atlantis, and that Nostradamus prophesied that in a time of cataclysm people might take refuge here. Add to that the frequent reports of unexplained electromagnetic and weather phenomena near Es Vedrà and you see that even Mother Nature seems to recognize the uniqueness of this beautiful island.
Now a new chapter will be added to the legend of Ibiza as it becomes the central location for World Peace Days. This global event was conceived by the chief of the ancient Lakota tribe in North America in response to a powerful vision and prophecy in which he saw that now is the time when we must come together to bring wisdom and love to the problems facing mankind. He has seen that the decline of our world systems is reaching a critical level that can only be turned around by our collective will, and that this Summer Solstice is the perfect time to awaken that energy. The Wisdom Keepers of humanity feel strongly that they must gather with like minded people to create a wave of positive vibrations that will reverberate throughout the cosmos. This is the essence of World Peace Days – a weeklong celebration of the power of our collective intention to send a message of Peace, Joy and Love that will project healing energy throughout our beautiful planet.
The person who has taken responsibility for bringing this vision of the elders into a reality here on Ibiza is Steeve Nyatepe Coo Paradis. Some of you may know Steeve as a writer and artist but he is also a representative of the Universal Circle of Peace Ambassadors, and a man who has studied the way that the world works – particularly the connection between physics and metaphysics. When you go deeply into this knowledge you understand that when people come together to project feelings of peace and love it has a profound transformative effect on humanity and the world around us.  This is because we are all connected through the “Zero Point Field” which is the energy matrix that transcends the Universe. Have you ever heard of the “Butterfly Effect”? This basically means that every small action is connected to all other effects, so that a butterfly flapping its wings could change the weather on the other side of the globe. From quantum physics we know that we are all co-creators of our reality – existing in a field of infinite possibilities that await our intention to come into our experience. Scientific studies have shown that when a sufficient number of people are joined together projecting positive emotions like love, compassion and peace they can activate that process for all of humanity.
This is what Steeve hopes to achieve during World Peace Days and he has been greatly aided in this quest by “Ibiza Creativ“ of San Carlos who have worked with him to organize this project. There will be many events taking place during the weeklong celebration and they will culminate on June 21, with a traditional Native American ceremony to bless the Earth and all of its inhabitants. Each of the 144 participants will be purified by the ritual of the sweat lodge, and it is hoped that the ceremony can be broadcast online so that a critical mass of human energy can be focused to send a powerful message of Peace and Oneness.

Steeve regards Ibiza as a “laboratory of humanity living successfully in peace” because the people who were born here live in harmony and cooperation with those who have chosen to settle here from many diverse countries and backgrounds. His vision is to have all the “tribes” of this island come together to make Ibiza the model for a new world paradigm based on peace, tolerance, brotherhood and unconditional love.