EDITION: June - August 2011

SINTONIZART. Imagination without Limits

Texto: Jordi Canut Martin

Kio Aubà always tries to stay in tune with himself through art. Perhaps for this reason he chose, as creative director, the name “Sintonizart” (“Artintune”) for his new artistic venture together with production director, Andrey Ramos. Following this concept, the production company seeks to explore and develope creativity using diverse means of stage expression; dance, circus acts, theatre, etc... His main objective is to entertain, as one can clearly read on his business card: “Creative Solutions for Special Events”. Due to technological advance over the last few years, Kio and his team have been able to enhance their artistic expression and take advantage of many modern tools to enrich expression, giving more realism and colour to their innovative performances. When hired for a project, their main goal is to create a special atmosphere, contributing a unique, different and personalized performance each time. The variety on stage is exceptional, ranging from basic percussion to the most modern and sofisticated electronic musical compositions, innovative set and wardrobe designs – all guaranteed to impress any spectator!


Obviously Kio and Andrey do not “create” alone. They began by uniting their “ideas and horizons” and soon joined up with a team of people, each with long histories in creative and artistic production. They all now work “shoulder to shoulder” to ensure that each comissioned project is successful, leaving behind themselves a long, enduring trail of professional, technical and artistic acclaim. Rachel Robertson is in charge of international management and developes incentive within communities and businesses. Laura Estradé takes care of production and management for the artists involved in each project. Paula Taboada is administrator of communications. Susana Morales takes care of wardrobe, props and general stage and set details. Jesus Cobos and Josep Romero choreogragh and direct all the movements of the artists.

Kio, born in 1968, has been playing guitar since the age of 12 and has formed various music bands: “Tropel Nat” (2 albums, one in 1989 and another in 1992), “Malako” (1 album in 1994) and, most recently, “Milkey Way Band” (2011). In the year 1996 Kio decided to try out some alternative and innovative formats for his professional stage activity and thus created the company “Decoliflor Arts, Constructores de Fantasias” (“Decoliflor Arts, Fantasy Builders”). To this company he added a lot of imagination and science fiction as principal ingredients for the original entertainment “shows”, on stage at clubs and various cultural festivals. This formula was the seed that was sown and then grew to be “Sintonizart”, a formula that proved successful then, and continues to be so now. In fact, in 2010, Kio and his current team recieved, from “Eventoplus” (the largest congress of events in Spain), the first award for animation and spectacle in recognition of their excellent work in avantgarde artistic creation.

This prolific artist discovered Ibiza in 1997 and began working with his company in well-known venues such as Amnesia, Es Paradis and Privilege. During the following years he strengthened his relationship to the island by collaborating in various projects. For example the MTV Ibiza Festival with his famous laser show “El Hombre Bola” or the “Kumharas Concept” which was held on Sundays at Gala Night San Antonio – an initiative that encouraged public participation and collective collaboration from local artistic groups. This “epoc” evokes fond and exciting memories for Kio. On the island everything seemed to flow naturally, so, in the year 2000 he decided to live on Ibiza, and is still here a decade later, having realized that city life (in his case Barcelona) can be slightly suffocating. Discovering Ibiza was like re-discovering many fundamental elements, such as the sea breeze, the crystal clear waters of the beaches, the red earth of freshly tilled fields, the scent of lemons, the delicate beauty of almond blossoms and, of course, the multicoloured sunsets and infinate horizons. Kio travels constantly, learning, investigating and expanding, to many countries, such as: the Ukraine, Germany, Chech Republic, Holland, Italy, Russia, Portugal, Angola, Lebanon, Mexico, Japan and USA, where, in particular, he recommends a “once in a lifetime” visit to the “Burning Man” festival (www.burningman.com).


For Kio, Ibiza provides refuge, shelter and inspiration. “Everything is here” he states. “Here I can relax and feel in tune with nature. This island is a magical place where time seems to slow down to a more human pace and where feelings and sensations are more intense and true!”