EDITION: December-March '05


All of the cactus and succulents come from America and Africa. After the discovery of America, the recently discovered vegetation was so widely disseminated that many people don’t know their origin and think: that the plants are indigenous. This is the case of the prickly pear, (opuntia ficus indica) and the pita (agave americana) found so extensively in Europe, Africa and Australia.

The Aloes, which travelled from Africa to America where they finally adapted.

The climate of Ibiza, with its long hours of sun, short frosts and light rainfall make them ideal for low maintenance gardens. The cactus needs a well drained soil, a lot of light but not necessarily need direct sun, fertilization and water from April to September. The other succulents need protection from the north wind, more shade, water and more frequent fertilization. The main diseases are fungus, cochineal insects and aphids, which are easy to control. The ideal soil is sandy, has organic matter, and drainage material like chunky sand or fine gravel in equal parts.

Transplanting is done from April to July. The easiest propagation methods are seeding and cuttings from April to August.

At CACTUS LOMBRIBIZA, we advise and design garden projects using computers so the client can have an idea of the final result before its actual execution. We have a very large variety of species and specimens.