EDITION: April - june 2011


Texto: Jerry Brownstein
  “life is hard”; “you can’t have everything”; etc.. Once you start becoming conscious of your words you will be amazed at how often you are affirming negativity. By consciously choosing to speak positively you will reinforce a new core of beneficial beliefs, and this will be mirrored in the world around you. So whenever negative phrases pop into your head… or out of your mouth… just press your mental DELETE button and replace them with words that reflect the reality you wish to see.
People are fond of saying: “I will believe it when I see it.”, but that is merely an illusion because in truth: “You will see it when you believe it.”. Instead of allowing inherited values to dictate the content of our existence, we have the power to create a new template of perception that will literally change our reality. It all starts with the intention to be consciously mindful of our thoughts, words, and actions so that they reflect the beautiful person whom we choose to be. There is a timeless wisdom within our hearts that is always ready to emerge, and when our consciousness is filled with this inner light our lives become a celebration of all things good. Each of us has the power to create a life filled with health, happiness and harmony… and when you believe it you will see it.