EDITION: December 2009 - February 2010


Texto: Eurotec Ibiza

In Ibiza, as in so many places, crime is on the rise, and it affects properties set out in the country especially. Most thieves dare to risk the possibility of finding an alarm system, because they know that security services will take some time to reach the place. Often, intruders need only a few minutes to grab laptops, mobile phones, jewels and money, and then run. Hardly a day goes by



without hearing through a friend or acquaintance of yet another burglary somewhere. This situation provokes the following question: what can be done, what measures can be taken, to prevent such burglaries? Here follows some advice by Bernd Preu from security company Eurotec Ibiza:

The concept of security
It is very important to approach an expert who can explain ways of protecting our property on site. In order to assess the situation regarding security, the location and distribution of the house and, of course, of the surrounding area, must be considered. With these details, a specific concept of security can be designed. There are various alternatives to ensure effective protection, offering different qualities and prices:
Alarm systems
Out of the many alarm systems that exist, we wish to present you a new one which not only watches over the inside of the building during or after the burglary, as most traditional systems do, but also surveys the “outer skin” of the building, acting as protective shield around the house. When burglars enter a property, there are always physical obstacles they must get over – levering or breaking something, generating noises. These are effectively recognised by the system, which raises the alarm immediately. And what is more important: people and pets can move freely inside the house even if the alarm is activated.
Infra-red sensors
Many owners of country homes which do not have walls or fences around them will be familiar with the situation: a mere jump and the burglar is in the property. Even while people are in the house, perhaps lounging in the sun or a short distance away from the building, thieves can slip inside and take everything that could be sold. For these cases, infra-red sensors that activate an alarm will be the most effective.

Also within videosurveillance there are many different methods to guarantee a quality service. Firstly, we would like to suggest an IP camera system, which offers high resolution, low energy consumption, is weather resistant and has various practical adjustment options. These cameras do not have motors to focus nor move: their lack of mobile components renders them particularly robust and maintenance is reduced to the bare minimum. They have a small computer with a data storage unit, a microphone and a speaker. With a single camera, a whole room can be surveilled (360º). A specific software allows the images to be stored online, the images to be revised, the camera to be activated and its functions to be managed. The images are automatically stored online and you will receive an SMS or email message.

The signs that the security company places on the house will indicate that it is protected with a surveillance system, deterring many burglars who wiil prefer to break into another house which is not connected to a security system.
Stopping the burglar inside the house
It is essential to have the right tools to save time between the moment of a break-in and the arrival of the security service. The following options exist:

A smoke generator which creates a thick although harmless cloud that will deal with unwanted guests: they will try to find the quickest way out or will be so confused they will not be able to find the exit. This machine can fill a 300 m2 room in three seconds and will continue to work until the security service arrives and turns it off.

Strobe flash lights are tremendously uncomfortable to the human eye, and so will put burglars out of action. These lights have been developed to work as a complement to the smoke, but they can also be used on their own.
A sound barrier is a very effective security measure. Together with the Strobe lights and the smoke generator, it offers optimum protection right after the break-in happens. This high-pitched alarm of a specific frequency is almost unbearable, and it will surely interrupt the activity of any burglars.
Only the interaction between preventive measures and the direct deterrence of illicit break-ins will provide effective protection against burglars.