EDITION: August - October '09

NANO CALVO presents his book “NATURAL”

Texto: Jordi Canut Martin · Fotos: Nano Calvo

Born in Zaragoza, Nano Calvo, as he himself says, is a professional photographer and vocational writer. He is a frequent collaborator in the mass media, editorials and press agencies. His photographs are found nationally and internationally on magazine covers and in articles. His published images are found in books, magazines, exhibitions and catalogues in countries such as Japan, China, USA, Germany, Italy, amongst others. Some of his editorial clients include Elle, CuerpoMente and Integral in Spain, Paris Match and Sejer Editeurs in France, Time Inc., Money Magazine, Marshall Cavendish and Advocate Magazine in the United States. In Ibiza, his images have been published in the media by the Diario de Ibiza, Pacha Magazine, DJ Magazine, Isla Blanca Ibiza Guide, Ibicasa as well as a large portfolio of private clients. He has spent long periods of time in London and in New York, a city which he loves.

A personal relationship brought him to Ibiza. This was three years ago and there seems to be no evidence of him wanting to leave this spot in the Mediterranean which so inspires him. Although who knows what will happen tomorrow? Without a doubt his artistic sensitivity appreciates the constant contact with nature and the tranquility which Ibiza provides, above all in the winter. Having said that he also feels it necessary and healthy to leave the island from time to time. Nano is fascinated with the cosmopolitan ambience which infiltrates the daily life of the Pitiusa. He feels that these, as well as more personal reasons, are the factors which have influenced him to lay down his roots in Ibiza. Perhaps, because here more than any other place he has lived, he has crossed paths with people who have similar ideas and philosophy concerning life.


For many years now, Nano has held a great interest in the teachings of the Tibetan buddhists and affirms that his own life view is close to “the ideas, thoughts and philosophy which they demonstate”. This is why in his book “Natural”, he decided to include some of the wise sayings spoken by the Lama Zopa Rimpoche, “to contribute a touch of ancestral wisdom to his work”. Of course, these quotations are suitable for all kinds of reader, independent of their race or beliefs”. Nano has had the opportunity of photograph-ing the Dalai Lama during a visit to Barcelona.
So, through his book, “Natural”, Nano allows us to participate in a unique love story with Ibiza, also from a spirtitual view point. He wanted to transmit the beauty of Ibiza´s natural scenery and the people who live there in its purest essence, from uncommon angles, achieving original effects. In his piece of art, Nano Calvo simultaneously awakens interest in those who are not familiar with the island and surprise, where possible, in those who already treasure its delights.

“The book aspires to transmit the idea that beauty is something present in each moment and in every aspect of life. That things are as they are, nothing more, and the key is to accept them as they come, which is often complicated. Additionally, I take the opportunity to make known and show, for those who don’t know, that Ibiza hides infinite places and particulars, and there is another side to Ibiza which makes it a desirable destination. Luckily, many people outside Ibiza and abroad have been interested in the book, and many have been surprised by the fact the photographs were taken in Ibiza. This pleases me, because it’s a way in which I can give something back to the island and contribute to removing an unwanted and unfair image, held by many countries and places in the world. In any case, I think photographers limit themselves in capturing reality as it is. A final message in my work, is that we should show gratitude for all the natural and human beauty which exists and learn to enjoy and take care of it, as much as possible. Each one of us should give thanks for natures creations which come from the creator within our heart.”