EDITION: August - October 2010


Ruth Osborn
Change affects us all and no matter what we do in life, we can be certain that there will be change. The ability to deal with change positively is essential our lives. Change and adaptation – or rather the notion of impermanence – underlies Buddhist philosophy which holds that nothing is forever, nothing is permanent. It is the understanding and acceptance of this equips us to deal with change.

Times of change can be some of the most stressful in life, but they can also hold a hidden wealth of opportunities – ways of seeing and doing that perhaps one had not considered before. In the English language there is a saying every cloud has a silver lining, the gift is to be able to see that silver lining on what may seem like the darkest of cloudy days. I met with Sola and Gerhard who are part of a pioneering group of artists who have responded creatively and positively to change enforced upon them, they have sought a new way of living and working, creating a shared art studio space in an old farm warehouse near San Rafael.

Circumstances pushed Sola into seeking alternative studio and living space, with a vision in mind she set to finding a suitable premise. When they finally found the warehouse they are currently in Sola remembers thinking that they “had found a treasure”. Seeing its potential, they set about transforming the half rotten, old farm warehouse, the previous inhabitants of which were birds and plants into both living quarters and functional art studios.

It’s now a hub of creativity with different studios for metal work; one for ceramics; one for sewing and decoration and a painting artillery along with an outside studio space and living space “the space and the light create the best conditions one can imagin”.

Whereas previously the artists had had separate living and studio spaces Sola explains that communal living is much preferable, it has worked well. As well as the creative advantages, working and living together makes it financially doable. Alone they could not have such a grand space, but together it works. “It’s delicate but inspiring, we’re all individuals with strong characters but the inspiring moments and the social aspects far outweigh any negative aspects – it’s 99% advantage and 1% discomfort.” The warehouse also serves as an exhibition space and anyone can make an appointment to view the work of the three different artists in the space that it is created.

When I asked Gerhard how this change had affected his work, he explained that he has more space to build, allowing him to build bigger. Before he only had two metres of height now he has five, as a result his sculptures are getting taller and taller.

In more general terms by positively adjusting to change, Gerhard and Sola have created something special and something new, seeing and seizing an opportunity to work they found the silver lining in the situation of change they were in. This has benefited them not just as individuals, but as a collective, and they are enjoying the benefits, some of the fruits of their labour pictured here.

Sola created for the annual catwalk art show. Sola specialises in costume design from Solan de Cabras bottles (because she loves the blue and they contain her name).

Gerhard’s kinetic sculptures react to the environment – moving in the wind, reflecting the light. The next time you’re in Marina Botafoch see if you can spot the one pictured below at Cala Jondal.

Tanit obsessed, Sola has created the image of Tanit in many different forms. Her latest is in collage, which appears on the cover of this years’ Ruta del Arte magazine. All the materials used in Sola’s collage are from Ibiza, if you look closely at “The Kiss” you can see parts of postcards from the restaurants, cafes and places of Ibiza.

Sola has been creating outdoor decoration for over twenty years, creating spectacular structures out of net and fluorescent paints. If you’ve been to any one of the many local fiestas, or at Flower Power, you’ll have seen her work first hand.

Another collaborative artistic venture, a must for anyone with an interest in art, is “Domingo del Arte” – an exhibition of the work of more than forty artists presented together, in different venues across the island one Sunday each month from May through to October. It is pleasing to find that art in Ibiza still flourishes, even if times may be challenging.

Text: Ruth Osborn

For further information:

Ruta del Arte: www.art-club-ibiza.com
A group of two hundred artists
from Ibiza and Formentera.

Sola Tidoo: www.sola-art.eu
Works in various mediums
including decoration, collage
and costume as well as oil painting.

Gerhard Höhn: www.gerhard-hoehn.com
Works with stainless steel
and concrete creating impressive
sculptures, both static & kinetic,
and luminescent designer lighting.

For art listings see:
Diario de Ibiza: www.diariodeibiza.es