EDITION: April - June 2010


Jerry Brownstein

The pioneers at the cutting edge of science are expanding our view of the world by proving that much of what we take for granted is not as it seems. Here is an example of what I mean:
Dr. Masaru Emoto and his team of scientists have carried out numerous experiments on the effects that words, music, pollution and other stimuli have on the molecular structure of water. They do this by freezing the water immediately after it has been exposed to the stimulus and then examining it under an electron microscope. The results are stunning. When water is exposed to positive intent through words or feelings such as love and gratitude its molecules develop incredibly beautiful and complex crystalline structures. However, the same water when presented with negative stimuli that evoke fear and violence takes on disorganized shapes that are often grotesque. A similar dramatic affect on the structure of water takes place in response to different types of music. Mozart and comparable melodic tones cause the molecules to create exquisite magical crystals, whilst punk and other dissonant sounds produce forms that are incoherent and ugly.

Dr. Emoto

You are beautiful


Thank you

This goes completely against how we have been led to believe that the world works. Our common sense tells us that just writing the word “love” on a bottle of water cannot possibly change the shape of the molecules inside of it… Yet it does. Likewise, our conditioning tells us that playing a different type of music or saying positive words will have no affect whatsoever on water or on any other natural element… Yet the proof is clear that they do.


Rage and murder


Love and gratitude

How does the water “know”
what we are saying or writing?
How does it “feel” that some expressions are positive while others are negative, and how can it “hear” the difference between beautiful music and soul-less noise? It would seem that water is somehow connected to everything in its surroundings and that it is able to perceive the vibratory level of whatever it comes into contact with.
Continuing research will someday give us a complete picture of how this happens, but for now here is some food for thought:

Your body is about 70% water…
The planet Earth is roughly 70% water…

This substance that comprises so much of our existence is constantly changing its structure to reflect whatever is in its environment, and that includes our thoughts, words and emotions. Given that we are having such an incredible effect on the world around us and inside of us, perhaps it might be a good idea to elevate our thoughts to the highest vibratory level, and fill our lives with sights and sounds that evoke beauty and harmony. •
Think about it…

Text: Jerry Brownstein